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Desperate request of a family to clarify the death of a young man in a traffic accident

Agustín Tomaszek was 29 years old (Tomaszek Family)

Incongruous statements, lack of witnesses, an autopsy report that does not appear and the “makeup” of the asphalt of a route to cover the wells are some of the strange circumstances surrounding this case that has as its protagonist a family of Pilar, who desperately asks for help.

Agustin Tomaszek, 29 years old, he collided on October 30 aboard his red Mirage 110 motorcycle with a Peugeot 207. The accident occurred on route No. 24, intersection with Bonpland street, in the town of Cuartel V, district of dark. The young man was traveling with a co-worker – Brian – who suffered serious injuries but was able to save his life.

Agustín’s family denounces that there were irregularities in the investigation, especially during the investigations carried out at the scene of the accident.

Desperate request of a family to clarify the death of a young man in a traffic accident
Agustín, inside Pilar’s mechanical workshop where he worked

“This happened on a Saturday. We are from Pilar and my son worked for 15 years in a motorcycle mechanic called ‘GP Motos Racing’. He started working with them at the age of 14 ”, said Elena Boccardi, the mother of the deceased young man, to Infobae.

“That day, Agustín told me that he was going out in the afternoon to get paid what he worked for during the week. He was in black in this place, they never hired him in white. In the afternoon he called me again and He told me that I had to go do one more job, that if I didn’t do it they wouldn’t pay for the week. He grabbed his motorcycle and got out. It was a little after six in the afternoon ”, he completed.

According to the mother’s story, Agustín went to look for Brian, who was responsible for the administrative tasks of the workshop to attend an engine repair job. “He never told me that he was going to Moreno’s side, He didn’t tell me anything because he knew that if I found out I wouldn’t let him go”Said the mother. The 29-year-old He was the youngest of her five children and the only one who still lived with her.

Around 8:30 p.m., Elena received a message on her cell phone. It was a friend of his son who told him that Agustín had suffered an accident. The mother and some of the brothers went to the scene, but the 29-year-old had already been transferred without life to a hospital in the area.

“As far as we know, Agustín was driving the motorcycle, with his friend behind. In the area where they collided there were giant potholes. There was even another very serious traffic accident the day before. Then, it is very possible that they or the car in front have hit a pothole and there has been an accident in the area. On top of that, a short time before, they had removed the security cameras from the area, ”Boccardi said.

The family went to file a complaint at the 4th Police Station of Barracks V, where the first contradictions appeared. “The police told me that my son was without a helmet, but myself when I got to the place I spoke with a female police officer who told me she had removed her helmet for resuscitation”Described Boccardi.

The family was never able to speak to Brian, but learned that in the police statement he gave a surprising version of events: “This guy said they were going to a party, but that was impossible. My son had come out with a jean all torn and he is very neat with perfumes and his clothes. Also, they started saying that my son was a temporary employee when everyone knew that he worked there 15 years ago”.

Three days after the accident occurred, the family went to the exact point of Route 24 to verify its status and see if there were remains of material or anything that would allow them to clarify what happened.

Desperate request of a family to clarify the death of a young man in a traffic accident
The motorcycle with which Agustín had the accident

“There we were surprised that they had paved everything and covered the potholes in the road. They had done it on November 1st. I don’t know what they wanted to cover up, ”said Boccardi.

Another point that the family denounces is that currently, 26 days after the accident occurred, the lawyer who accompanies them, Javier Santa Cruz, still has not received the preliminary reports of the autopsy carried out in the morgue of the General Rodríguez Hospital or the expert report of the accident.

Doctors said he suffered a cardiorespiratory arrest. When I recognized the body, I saw that he had a bump on his forehead, a product of the hit with the helmet, a wound at the level of the armpit ”.

Brian and the driver of the car involved in the crash, whose initials were FA, gave conflicting accounts of what happened. Agustín’s partner said that the vehicle crossed their lane, while the driver of the gray Peugeot, the opposite.

Desperate request of a family to clarify the death of a young man in a traffic accident
Agustín, with his mother, Elena

The case was in the hands of the prosecutor David Ramón Salvatierra, of the UFI Nº 4 of Moreno, who is still trying to collect more testimonies from possible witnesses. “We ask anyone who has seen something to come to the prosecution and tell about it. We want the truth to be known about what happened to my son “the mother recounted.

Meanwhile, Elena Boccardi, who is assumed to be the head of the Pilar de Cáritas branch, still regrets how her life was destroyed in a second.

Desperate request of a family to clarify the death of a young man in a traffic accident
This is how the car that Agustín crashed was left

“He was a fan of motorcycles. He liked fishing, meeting his friends here at home, enjoying life. I have seven grandchildren, he loved being with them. We were going to go on Saturday November 6 walking to Luján. He told me that this year we were going to be thankful, that we were not going to ask for anything. Covid-19 had passed and we were all healthy. And we did not arrive, unfortunately, “he said through tears.

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