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Design expert Scott Tong describes 4 concepts founders should consider when designing products – TechCrunch

At the end decade, high-quality design has become a necessity in the software space. Good design is a commodity, not a luxury, and yet designing great products and finding great designers continues to be a struggle for many entrepreneurs.

At Early Stage 2021, design expert Scott Tong told us about some of the ways founders should think about design. Tong has been involved in product and brand design for some of the biggest tech brands including IDEO, IFTTT, Pinterest and more. He is now a partner at Design Fund.

Tong explained how to think of the brand as more than a logo or a social media presence, what the design means and the steps to take before focusing on pixels, and gave advice on when entrepreneurs should hire third-party design agencies or call full-on. talent of the time.

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“The purest treasure that mortal times can offer is an unblemished reputation,” Shakespeare wrote. While we often think of a brand as a logo or a character on social media, a brand is the equivalent of a person’s reputation. It means what the company and the products stand for, and it has an element of being memorable for anything, whether it’s prestige, like for Chanel, or appalling customer service, like for Comcast.

The closest word in English to the brand is actually reputation. The analogy is that the brand is to the company what the reputation is to the person. If you can tie your brand to your business reputation, I think that’s a great place to start when having conversations about brands. What is the first impression? What are some consistent behaviors your brand hopes to repeat over and over again? What are the memorable moments that stand out and make your brand, your reputation memorable? (Timestamp: 2:40)

Existing versus preferred

Tong described what design really is. There are many different schools of thought on design methodology and there are many types of design. You might be thinking about product design, logo design, and branding at the same time, and the only way to successfully hire and complete these tasks is to understand what the job is. design, at the base.

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