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Deputies want to make the health pass compulsory in the Assembly, Ferrand would oppose it – RT in French

President LREM of the lower house of Parliament, Richard Ferrand, would oppose the proposal of 50 majority deputies, saying he feared censorship from the Constitutional Council. Some are indignant at a double standard.

According to information from Opinion, the President of the National Assembly Richard Ferrand (LREM) would be opposed to the amendment tabled by about fifty parliamentarians from the majority wishing that the deputies apply to themselves what they are about to vote for a party the French. If he did not speak publicly on this proposal, he would have invoked at a meeting of the majority on July 20 the fact that it would not pass the filter of the Constitutional Council. Several voices are raised, denouncing a double standard between the imposition of the health pass on citizens and the free will left to deputies.

The Assembly: a “place of mixing”

In the explanatory memorandum to the amendment they are proposing, the deputies argue: “The National Assembly is a place of mixing of hundreds of people from different regions, it is a place particularly sensitive to contamination.”

The MoDem deputy of Var Philippe Michel-Kleisbauer, for his part, wants to go further, and has tabled an amendment to the health bill, examined on July 21 in the National Assembly, which aims to make vaccination compulsory for all parliamentarians.

He explained his approach to Var-Morning : “The principle is that of exemplarity, this must be a moral obligation for the members of the three constitutional assemblies which are the National Assembly, the Senate as well as the Economic, Social and Environmental Council. From April 2020, I spoke in this direction, with the exception of medical certificates issued by doctors for people who have contraindications. I hope that this amendment will be approved and that compulsory vaccination will be extended to the government in particular. The fourth wave is here, we are entering a new period of difficulty so we have to show responsibility and lead by example. ”

“Are the rights of citizens inferior?”

The LR deputy of Eure-et-Loir, Olivier Marleix, denounced: “The illustration of the limits of the” sanitary pass “solution: to impose it on deputies would be contrary to the Constitution. The deputies hold their right to sit electors, no one can hinder it. Are the rights of citizens inferior? ”

The founder of the Patriots, very involved in the denunciation of the government’s anti-Covid measures, Florian Philippot, also reacted on Twitter, believing that there was a “social gap” in the application of these measures : “Richard Ferrand refused the health pass to access the National Assembly. Yes, all that is for the beggars! ”

“About 50 LREM deputies tabled an amendment so that the health pass applies to deputies entering the Palais Bourbon. President Richard Ferrand is … against! Because he knows that deputies themselves refuse to be vaccinated ”, for his part commented the president of the UPR François Asselineau.

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