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Departmental 2021: what are the challenges in Brittany?  – Departmental elections

Côtes-d’Armor: the thorny question of leadership

The situation is slow to settle in this department conquered by the right in 2015. The left dreams of taking back its old bastion, but it still has no leader. On the right, the question of leadership is hardly more obvious. Romain Boutron holds the rope, since he has chaired the department since the departure of Alain Cadec from the Senate. But the latter seems to be preparing to play a very active role in the campaign, in order to compensate for the still relative notoriety of his successor. [C’est à lire ici]

Finistère: the right wants to believe it

The leader of the Finistère right, Maël de Calan, hopes to overturn a department that the left had only kept to a canton in 2015. The outgoing majority has been weakened by the failure in the senatorial elections of the current president of the departmental council, Nathalie Sarrabezolles. But it is above all the lack of union on the left that makes the match particularly open this year. [C’est à lire ici]

Ille-et-Vilaine: the PS not so serene

Socialist Jean-Luc Chenut, outgoing president of the departmental council, is a candidate for his succession. With a relatively comfortable majority, he could don the costume of the favorite. But in the PS, we prefer to remain cautious, emphasizing that “experience shows that an elected official who is believed to be indestructible can lose”. Especially since there will be no alliance with EELV in the first round. On the right side, the first project will be to bring out a new leader, Isabelle Le Callennec having embarked on the battle for the regions. [C’est à lire ici]

Morbihan: David Lappartient at the head of the peloton

It is undoubtedly the Breton department where the situation is the clearest. Rare are the observers who do not give David Lappartient the great winner of the ballot on June 20 and 27. Without a competitor on the right, the president of the International Cycling Union (UCI) is ideally placed to succeed François Goulard at the head of a department which has been blue for decades. [C’est à lire ici]

And in Loire-Atlantique?

The PS president of the Loire-Atlantique departmental council, Philippe Grosvalet, announced Thursday that he would not be a candidate for his succession. Another socialist, Michel Ménard, will lead the outgoing majority list in June. In this department, PS and EELV will be allies from the 1st turn. In 2015, the left had only kept Loire-Atlantique one canton in advance. [C’est à lire ici]

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