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demonstrations against compulsory vaccination for caregivers – RT in French

In Paris, Marseille or even Toulouse, the CGT Health calls for protest against the compulsory vaccination of nursing staff, which is due to come into force on September 15. The union denounces discrimination and fears a drop in staff.

This September 14, a day of mobilization against the vaccine obligation imposed on nursing staff (which must come into force the next day) takes place throughout France. At the call of the CGT Health, demonstrators must indeed gather in Paris, Toulouse, Marseille, Lyon or even Grenoble in order to protest against this measure which they consider discriminatory.

Gatherings are planned in front of symbolic places such as the Ministry of Health, but also the ARS and hospitals.

For an “informed and consented vaccination”

In a leaflet, the CGT Health denounced a “stigma”, while saying it was in favor of “informed and consented vaccination”. “It is through information, education, debate that the remaining doubts can be removed, and not by threat and sanction,” writes the CGT Health.

“It is better to convince rather than to coerce”, summarizes for his part Philippe Martinez, secretary general of the CGT.

As of September 15, health professionals who cannot justify their vaccination will risk a contract suspension. They will then have one month left to present a complete vaccination schedule.

The union fears the possible consequences of this measure in the midst of a pandemic. “If 5 or 10% of hospital staff leave, it’s a health disaster” analyzed Philippe Martinez at the beginning of September.

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