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Demonstration in Beirut escalates into violence: live updates

Shards of glass and debris are seen after gunfire erupted at a site near a protest against Judge Tarek Bitar in Beirut, Lebanon on October 14. Mohamed Azakir / Reuters

Heavy gunfire erupted during a demonstration in Beirut calling for the dismissal of a judge investigating the deadly port explosion in August 2020.

Hundreds of supporters of Iranian-backed Hezbollah and its main Shiite ally, Amal, marched towards the courthouse in the Lebanese capital when shots were fired at protesters from an unknown location, forcing protesters and journalists to take cover, according to local broadcasters.

Local television also showed a masked protester firing a gun behind a street barrier and black smoke rising from one of the nearby buildings.

Hezbollah is a staunch opponent of Tariq Bitar, the popular judge who is leading the investigation into the Beirut explosion and has called for prosecution against high-level officials.