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Democrats use January 6 commission to ‘criminalize political dissent’

Fox News Channel’s Tucker Carlson warned Democrats, whom he described as “mad supporters”, were trying to use the Jan. 6 Commission to “criminalize political dissent.”

Carlson pointed out that the commission had cited unrelated bank and telephone records to appear, forcing some witnesses to surrender their constitutionally protected rights.

CARLSON: If you’re planning to be in Washington, DC tomorrow, your nation’s capital, be careful. It turns out that a group of political extremists are planning to shut down the city. We’re not guessing about it because they’re not very subtle about what they’re planning to do. They literally call their group Shutdown DC You can go to their website.

On it, the extremists describe the violence they plan to commit tomorrow in Washington. They plan to cite “disruptive direct action to end” including “business as usual and dismantle the main systems of government in this country.” In case there is any doubt about their purpose, they call tomorrow’s disruptive direct action quote “December 7, shut down the capital.” As in the capital of the United States.

So what would you call an event like this? There really is no other word for it. It’s an insurrection. It is a planned uprising against our elected government. In fact, it is an attack on democracy itself. It was perhaps the most organized attack since the Civil War and September 11.

Now, if you’ve been paying attention over the past year – the past 11 months to the day, in fact – you are probably assuming that our elected officials are vehemently opposed to it. They are against insurgencies. In fact, at this point, the insurgencies are the main thing they are against. Their whole job is to oppose the insurgency.

Nancy Pelosi tells us every day, so does Liz Cheney. But not in this case.

It turns out that some insurgencies are great. It depends on who is considering the insurgency.

As recently as today, Nancy Pelosi’s top bodyguard William J. Walker, installed in March, House Sergeant-at-Arms released a statement describing tomorrow’s insurgency as “Shutdown the Capital Event ”by the way, this is the First Amendment to the citywide event.

No big deal, Walker suggested, just a bunch of political extremists shutting down the US Congress while in session. It is not a threat.

What’s funny is Walker’s hilariously low-key response to tomorrow’s spate of left-wing violence, which, again on the internet, looks a lot like the government’s initial response to the January rally. It was then that the Conservatives descended on the city.

On the morning of January 6, the DHS regional director, Department of Homeland Security, wrote a note with this subject line: Updates on rallies and protests. That day, DHS was following three major gatherings. One of them contained a speech by the incumbent president on the integrity of the elections.

Under National Park Service permit 21-0278, DHS expected approximately 20,000 people to attend. The event took place at The Ellipse, just south of the White House. The DHS newsletter made it clear that all of these people have a constitutional right to be there. They also had the right to leave The Ellipse and go wherever they wanted because it was their country at the time, anyway.

Quote: “It is planned,” the memo said, “… that part of this group will come to the United States Capitol,” and they did. It was hardly surprising when they did. It was just as Pelosi would say of tomorrow’s planned insurgency a quote, “demonstration of the First Amendment.” These are Americans who have come together peacefully to express their political views, because for nearly 250 years the Bill of Rights has guaranteed that they can. There is nothing more American than that, we have heard it for decades.

And yet, here is the change. Suddenly it is a crime to do it depending on who you are voting for.

This is Congressman Bennie Thompson from Mississippi. He is a current member of Congress. It is the chairman of the House committee who claims to be investigating what happened on January 6, but of course Bennie Thompson is already fully aware of what happened on January 6. He and the rest of the committee sit for thousands of video hours that they refuse to release to the public.

Establishing the facts is therefore not the purpose of the mission here. The point very clearly and more and more clearly with each passing day is to criminalize political dissent.

Now, that’s a strong claim and if you doubt it, watch Bennie Thompson explain how he plans to deal with a former Trump official whom the Committee has subpoenaed, whom he has called to appear.

As of now, the man in question has not been charged or even charged with any crime. This man was not inside the Capitol on January 6, and yet here is Bennie Thompson warning that if this man dares to use his Fifth Amendment right, the right not to self-incriminate, then he is by definition guilty of a crime.


REPRESENTING. BENNIE THOMPSON (D-MS): Our responsibility is to get to the facts. Mr. Clark through his lawyer is deliberately avoiding us. Obviously, he is aware that something illegal has happened and rather than being responsible and responding, he is pleading the Fifth.

But if he says, okay, I’ll come, but I’ll plead the Fifth, so in some cases that says you’re partly to blame for what happened.


CARLSON: If you plead Fifth, you’re guilty. Which country is it? So assert your constitutional rights and we will punish you. He is the chairman of the January 6 committee. What you have just seen is far more imminently dangerous to our democracy than anything that happened on January 6 itself, it is not even close, and yet it is largely ignored.

Did you read this in the New York Times? What about the Washington Post? Even the conservative media, to their shame, largely ignores this story. Why are they ignoring it? We’ll let you draw your own conclusions on this.

But in the resulting darkness, our democracy is slowly dying. We can tell you tonight, for example, that the Democrats in Congress just subpoenaed AT&T. They search for the phone records of a young woman called Caroline Wren.

Caroline Wren did not barge into the Capitol on January 6. She wasn’t even there. Caroline Wren is a Republican fundraiser who previously worked for Lindsey Graham. She helped organize donations for the rally that day and her name is on the corresponding permit. That’s it. This is his rap sheet.

To do this, the most constitutionally protected of all activities, the January 6 committee demands all telephone records from Caroline Wren. This would include all of his text messages from November 1, 2020 to January 31 of this year.

The Democrats on the committee are also trying to grab – and when we say Democrats, we include Liz Cheney in that – and they’re trying to grab her bank statements. They try to capture everything she has written down, including the entries in her diary.

Now you don’t have to love Donald Trump to find it all disgusting and scary. Do you really want to live in a country where Nancy Pelosi and Bennie Thompson, crazy supporters with no interest in the Constitution of the United States can seize your bank documents? Your SMS? Your agenda? Simply because they don’t like who you voted for in the last election.

Most Americans don’t want to live in a country like this. A country like that is called Haiti, but suddenly it’s America.

This broadcast learned that other subpoenas from the Jan. 6 Commission to telephone companies are pending. They target Americans who have not been charged with any crime, let alone one.

Cleta Mitchell, for example, a prominent Republican lawyer, has just been told by AT&T that Democrats want her phone records, several months of her phone records. Why? For what reasons? Because Cleta Mitchell has already spoken to Donald Trump about voting in Georgia and complaining about election results is now a crime.

We contacted AT&T about this. Indeed, they told us they were going to comply with the subpoenas of the Congressional Democrats. They are probably afraid of not complying, but we should all be just as afraid of it. It’s terrifying.


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