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Demi Lovato sings a melody to connect with an alien entity

Demi Lovato’s music becomes truly spatial. Now the artist apparently sings for aliens.

The singer, which uses them / them pronouns, explores the alien world in “Unidentified With Demi Lovato,” a reality series that debuted Thursday on Peacock.

Lovato seems desperate to connect with otherworldly entities, even treating them with one of the singer’s hits.

The clip below shows Lovato and two male friends trying to converse with a being known only as “Carmen”.

Apparently, Carmen has suffered a trauma related to men, so she is cautious about the two in his presence.

Still, Carmen seems ready to let the guys hang out after Lovato decides to sing the 2011 hit song “Skyscraper” as an “offering” to Carmen.

“I always sing ‘Skyscraper’ when I feel like singing something emotional,” Lovato explained before going into song:

“Do you have to / Make me want / There is nothing left of me / You can take all that I have / You can break all that I am / As if I were made of glass / As if I was made of paper

“Go on and try to tear me down / I’ll rise from the ground / Like a skyscraper / Like a skyscraper.”

Carmen seemed to enjoy the impromptu concert because some of the electronic devices installed in the area started beeping after Lovato finished singing.

“This is the coolest standing ovation I’ve had,” Lovato said.

You can watch the full segment below.


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