Delfina Gómez protested as the first governor of Edomex

Delfina Gómez became the first woman to govern the State of Mexico. (Infobae)

Delfina Gomez She is the first female governor of Mexico stateafter protesting before the entity’s Congress, becoming the first woman to head the state executive and ending more than 70 years of governments of the National Revolutionary Party (PRI) by replacing Alfredo del Mazo Maza.

At 5:15 p.m. (central Mexico time), the LXI Legislature of the State of Mexico carried out the protocol act where teacher She went from being the elected governor to the constitutional governor for the period 2022-2029, although Del Mazo will continue to lead the entity for a couple more days.

It should be noted that although Delfina Gómez has already sworn in as governor of the State of Mexico, the Constitution local, in its article 69, states that the constitutional period of the new government will begin until September 16, that is, next Saturday.

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) accompanied the militant of the National Regeneration Movement (Morena) at the event, this being the second time that the president visited Toluca in just over two weeks.

The first act of the event was the singing of the Mexican National Anthem; Subsequently, Gómez Álvarez offered a few words to thank the head of the Federal Executive for the presence, and also took the opportunity to emphasize that will seek unity with all political groups in favor of Mexican citizenship: “I come to place myself at your service”.

Delfina Gómez, governor of the State of Mexico (Screenshot)
Delfina Gómez, governor of the State of Mexico (Screenshot)

“The transformation has already begun, my government will follow Mexican Humanism”

Besides, thanked the PRI governor outstanding for allowing a democratic transition and with a favorable vision for the population; However, he pointed out that with his administration corruption will end and events that harm the development of the entity will not be allowed.

“The people have spoken loud and clear, for the first time, a woman will govern the State of Mexico”

After taking office, President López Obrador, the governor and the outgoing president, Alfredo del Mazo, will attend the inauguration of the first section of the Mexico-Toluca Train, called The Insurgent.

Before attending the inauguration of the new transportation, the Mexican president had a moment to speak at the event and took the opportunity to remember the social programs, infrastructure works, as well as other actions for the development of the country that his administration has carried out.

Among what stood out the most was the work of the Mexico-Toluca train, as he recalled that it will be named El Insurgente in honor of the priest Miguel Hidalgo, Father of the Nation, whom he remembered as a character who fought against slavery in the country.

Delfina Gómez announced the members of her new cabinet (Cuartoscuro)
Delfina Gómez announced the members of her new cabinet (Cuartoscuro)

One day before carrying out the formal ceremony as governor of the State of Mexico, Gómez Álvarez presented her work team, which includes names such as those of Horacio Duarte and Higinio Martínezwho left their positions at the federal level to accompany the teacher in her campaign for governor.

  • General secretary of government: Horacio Duarte Olivares
  • Secretary of Security: Andrés Andrade Téllez
  • Secretary of Health: Macarena Montoya Olvera
  • Secretary of Labor: Norberto Morales Poblete
  • Secretary of Education, Science, Technology and Innovation: Miguel A. Hernández Espejel
  • Secretary of Welfare: Juan Carlos González Romero
  • Field Secretary: María Eugenia Rojano Valdés
  • Secretary of Economic Development: Laura González Hernández
  • Secretary of Culture and Tourism: Nelly Carrasco Godínez
  • Secretary of the Comptroller’s Office: Hilda Salazar Gil
  • Secretariat of the Environment and Sustainable Development: Arely Rubio Arronix
  • Water Secretariat: Pedro Moctezuma Barragán
  • Women’s Secretariat: Mónica Chávez Durán
  • Mobility Secretary: Daniel Sibaja González
  • Legal Counsel: Jesús George Zamora
  • Special projects: Higinio Martínez
Delfina Gómez presented her cabinet in Edomex (CRISANTA ESPINOSA AGUILAR/CUARTOSCURO.COM)
Delfina Gómez presented her cabinet in Edomex (CRISANTA ESPINOSA AGUILAR/CUARTOSCURO.COM)

Since 1929, the State of Mexico was governed by PRI militants—since its founding with the National Revolutionary Party (PNR) and the Party of the Mexican Revolution (PRM)—which is why the triumph of Delfina Gómez broke with a tradition of almost 100 years of governments headed by men from the tricolor.

The first governor from said political group was Filiberto Gómez, while the first from the PRM was Alfredo Zárate Albarrán; while the first already with the PRI was Alfredo del Mazo Vélez, coincidentally the grandfather of Alfredo del Mazo Maza, the last PRI governor.

The defeat of the Institutional Revolutionary in the Mexican territory meant a hard blow for the party, because it was not only the loss of territory, but also the blow to the citizens of not being able to retain the bastion that gave them power for decades.

Morena will head the government in the State of Mexico for the first time, after a long PRI hegemony (Infobae)
Morena will head the government in the State of Mexico for the first time, after a long PRI hegemony (Infobae)

Furthermore, with the defeat of the PRI, Morena has also indicated that it means the end of the famous Atlacomulco Group, the mythical faction that never confirmed its existencebut which by the year became the legend that enveloped the Mexican governments both at the local and municipal levels.

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