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‘Definitely Ron would be considered’: Trump floats DeSantis as VP 2024

Spokesmen for DeSantis did not immediately respond to a request for comment on Trump’s remarks about the Republican governor of his adopted home state, which comes as DeSantis has cultivated his own presidential speculation. DeSantis’s praise also represents the latest public rift in the once-tight relationship between Trump and former Vice President Mike Pence.

Trump has repeatedly attacked Pence for failing to do more to reverse the 2020 election result – constitutional authority experts agree the Vice President did not – and even tweeted criticism of Pence as pro-Trump rioters stormed the Capitol on Jan.6 and threatened. his life.

Trump has yet to say whether he would seek another term in 2024, but said Thursday he was “100%” planning a campaign. His indecision has temporarily frozen a Republican field of White House hopefuls fearing to move against a former president who remains extremely popular with GOP voters.

Meanwhile, DeSantis’ star in the Republican Party has risen in recent weeks, with conservatives praising his dislike of coronavirus restrictions and Florida’s performance during the pandemic.

Hosting the annual Conservative Political Action Conference in Orlando in February, DeSantis described his state as an “oasis of freedom” and finished first in a straw poll of potential Republican presidential candidates that did not include Trump.

DeSantis drew more media attention earlier this month for forcefully berating an uneven “60-minute” report that detailed allegations of favoritism by the governor’s office and a potential “pay-to-play” plan. In the middle of the vaccine rollout in Florida.

Hitting Florida Republicans’ perception of coronavirus success story, however, DeSantis was forced on Tuesday to extend the state of emergency again for another 60 days, even as some other states canceled such orders.

DeSantis has remained coy about his presidential ambitions and has insisted he is focused on his run for re-election in 2022. Republican donors have flocked to the governor as the party seeks to navigate its post-Trump future , with DeSantis raking in more than $ 11.3 million since restarting its fundraising efforts in October – which were halted at the start of the pandemic.

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