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Defense ministry announces successful test of new S-500 anti-aircraft missile – RT in english

Russia has announced that it has successfully tested its new S-500 air defense system. These will replace the S-400 systems recently sold to several countries including Turkey.

Russia announced on July 20 that it had successfully tested its new S-500 anti-aircraft defense system. In a statement the Russian Defense Ministry said: “At the Kapoustine Iar Cosmodrome, the brand new S-500 air defense system carried out test shots on a ballistic target at high speed. According to the monitoring device, the target was hit. The S-500 is unique in the world and is intended to destroy any air or space apparatus in service or in design that a possible enemy could use, and this at any altitude and speed.

The combat fire carried out in the course of the tests confirmed the specified tactical and technical characteristics, as well as the high reliability of Russian military air defense equipment. After the completion of the full test cycle, the equipment plan provides for the delivery of the first S-500 system to an air and missile defense unit located in the Moscow region. “

The S-500 must replace the S-400 systems, still relatively modern and recently sold to several countries including Turkey, sparking protests from NATO and the United States.

At the beginning of July, the commander of the Russian aerospace forces, Sergei Sourovikin, indicated that the S-500 were to “destroy medium-range missiles and, if necessary, intercontinental missiles on the last part of their trajectory”.

S-500s can also destroy hypersonic missiles, he said in the Russian Army newspaper. Krasnaya Zvezda.

In a tense diplomatic context, Russia has increased the development of new weapons in recent years. On July 19, it announced a further successful test of the Zircon hypersonic missile, part of the “invincible” weapon line announced by President Vladimir Putin.

The latter is due to visit the MASK-2021 airshow near Moscow on July 20, during which a new Russian fighter plane will be unveiled.

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