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Deconfinement: “We should have gone further in Brittany”, regrets Fabrice Loher, mayor of Lorient – Lorient

“We finally have a schedule and visibility,” observes Fabrice Loher, who immediately tempers. “The government’s measures are not territorialized and I deplore it. Brittany, with its lower incidence rate, should have been the field for further experimentation. Once again there was a Jacobin reflex. From this point of view, it is a disappointment ”. The mayor of Lorient is targeting in particular the persistence of the curfew at 9 p.m. “We could have gone faster. A measurement at 11 p.m. from May 19 (instead of June 6) would have been more judicious and better understood by professionals in the hotel, restaurant and bar professions. Besides, I am not convinced by the efficiency of the curfew ”.

Extension of terraces and exemption from site fees until the end of June

The opening of the terraces will be made possible from May 19. “Our services have been seized with many requests for weeks”. The device for extending terraces to the public domain, as implemented during the previous deconfinement, will again be made possible. However, there will be no authorization for additional square meters. “Except, specifies the mayor, for the establishments which do not have, because of the typology of the places, sufficient space”. Each file will be examined, and “we will do the trick to find solutions”. A piece of terrace, the sidewalk opposite. “But this first measure of openness will inevitably cause inequalities”, knows in advance the mayor. The total exemption from patio fees will be extended “but not beyond June 30. The finances of the City, already requested for the vaccination centers, will not be able to support it ”.

Reconcile openness and public tranquility

While he is delighted with the opening of establishments, the mayor is already anticipating possible noise pollution, particularly in the inner city. “There is a transition to be managed collectively. It will also be necessary to respect the residents who have had another living environment for months. It is a concern ”. A steering committee has been set up in conjunction with the owners of bars and restaurants.

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