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Deconfinement and wedding parties: what should change from May 19 – France

    Saying “yes” to each other in a small group is soon over! As of May 19, couples will be able to get married again without having to adhere to the six-guest maximum rule, reveals Le Parisian. A health protocol has been established by the Union of Solidarity Professionals in Events (UPSE), which represents nearly 55,000 professionals.

  • 1. May 19
  • May 19, date of the second stage of deconfinement, the rule of six guests maximum is abolished. It will again be possible to gather guests up to 35% of the room’s capacity, indoors and outdoors, including marquees.

    “In France, on average, the halls are 200 m2. This therefore means that we will initially be able to bring together around 70 guests, ”explains Mélissa Humbert-Ferrand, spokesperson for UPSE, at Le Parisien. PCR tests and health passes will not be compulsory. On the other hand, indoor seated meals will remain prohibited.

  • 2. June 9
  • As with the other restrictions in France, the wedding parties again loosen the belt. The reception gauges are evolving: up to 50% of the space can be occupied indoors. And up to 65% outdoors.

  • 3. June 30
  • The official date of the end of the deconfinement is synonymous, for the nuptials, of the end of the restrictions: the party can be done without limit in the number of participants.

  • 4. What about the curfew?
  • Partying is good, but finishing it at the end of the night is better. Will the bride and groom and their guests be able to waive the curfew hours, which remain in effect until June 30? The answer is not yet clear.

    The Minister for SMEs, Alain Griset, “is conducting a series of consultations with all the representatives of the professional federations concerned to calibrate the framework for their resumption of activity”, affirms his entourage.

    “The government should decide within a week whether being invited to a wedding can serve as a derogatory reason for travel beyond the curfew until June 9, ”write our colleagues. If the answer is no, you will have to sleep there.

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