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Declan Rice says he’s “never had a pint of beer” … but Alan Brazil doesn’t believe the England and West Ham star!

Declan Rice stunned English fans around the world by revealing that he had never had a pint of beer in his life.

But talkSPORT host Alan Brazil doesn’t believe it!

Declan Rice relishes the challenge of Euro 2020 and admits he could have his first pint if England win!

The West Ham midfielder admits he could use his very first pint to celebrate European Three Lions Championship glory as he and the England squad prepare for Euro 2020.

Rice has come a long way since changing allegiance from the Republic of Ireland, with whom he won the last of three senior caps in June 2018.

Now he is based in England in the brewing town of Burton with 19 caps under his belt and plays with his best friend, former Chelsea teammate Mason Mount.

But he was a fan the last time England played in a major tournament, cheering on the Three Lions in a giant fanzone in Dubai as they kick off their unforgettable run to the World Cup semi-finals in 2018.

Videos of fans throwing beer in such venues went viral during the tournament, but Rice was never going to be among those tossing pints.

“It was crazy,” he told media on Wednesday. “There were thousands of English fans. It was mental. “

And then came the bomb that shocked Big Al deep inside him…

“Do you know what, until this day I have never drunk beer and I’m 22,” he laughed. “It’s the truth. Never had a pint. Don’t drink it.

“Not really [a drinker]. But a pint? No.

“I know it’s off topic, but I’ve never had a beer. People are surprised. I just don’t like the smell of it, so I never got close to it.

Declan Rice says he’s “never had a pint of beer” … but Alan Brazil doesn’t believe the England and West Ham star!
Rice is one of the many top footballers who are teetotal

When asked if he would drink a beer if England won the Euro, Rice replied, “Yes. I’ll try, but I’ll probably spit it out! “

Teetotal’s footballers aren’t expected to be a big shock in 2021, and there are plenty of them in the Premier League, including avid Ribena and Yorkshire drinker Tea James Milner.

Rice reveals Chelsea’s Mount have made the same sacrifices in their career, claiming footballers “don’t live this life”.

“Lots of parties with best friends, going out on weekends, seeing my friends, the drunk side, all my friends partying, sending me videos while I’m stuck in hotels – those things that I quit when I was younger to work hard, and now it’s worth it, ”he added.

But Brazil didn’t care …

Declan Rice says he’s “never had a pint of beer” … but Alan Brazil doesn’t believe the England and West Ham star!

Alan Brazil does not want it![/caption]

“Go ahead, he’s a liar,” joked the talkSPORT breakfast host.

“Are you telling me they don’t have a bevvie?” I know some of them don’t, but I know a lot of them like a pint!

“I don’t mean names, but I saw them in Cheltenham drinking a few pints… and there’s nothing wrong with that!”

Dec, if you get an invitation to join Big Al and Ray Parlor after the Euro, you’d probably better decline …

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