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Death of Julie Douib: the feminicide which served as an electric shock tried in Bastia – France

From this Thursday, Bruno Garcia-Cruciani appears before the Bastia Assize Court. This 44-year-old man admitted to having come to the home of his ex-girlfriend, with whom he had had two sons aged 8 and 10 and from whom he had been separated since September 2018, and shooting him before going to the gendarmes.

She had been telling me for a month now: “He’s going to kill me, he’s going to kill me”, and here we are …

“She simply said to me:” He killed me “, had confided the neighbor having discovered the young woman of 34 years lying in her blood on her balcony. “She had been telling me for a month: ‘He’s going to kill me, he’s going to kill me’, and there you go …”.

Several complaints and handrails had been lodged in previous months by the victim, his father, but also Bruno Garcia-Cruciani, for violence, theft, degradation or non-public insults.

“There was a failure in the system, in the lack of listening,” lamented Lucien, father of Julie Douib, during a white march organized shortly after the death of his daughter. “We have a fight for our grandchildren (…). Our fight is that he pays for what he has done, ”he also said in November 2019.

Me Francesca Seatelli, who represents the couple’s two sons, civil parties as well as Julie’s parents, expects “from this trial that these children will finally have the place they deserve in this procedure and that they are finally heard in as victims, ”she said.

A “hunted” woman

According to the investigation, Bruno Garcia-Cruciani “stalked” his ex-partner and, on the day of the events, he came to her home armed with a Glock 17 pistol equipped with a silencer. He then shot her three times, hitting her twice: once in the children’s room and a second time on the balcony where she had fled, fatally hitting her in the chest and left arm.

” No regrets “

He asserts that his act was not premeditated, but the prosecution assures the contrary: Bruno Garcia-Cruciani had researched the Internet with the keywords “sentence for homicide with a weapon” and “to live in Thailand”. “Me too, I will soon join your brother-in-law in Borgo”, one of the two prisons in Haute-Corse, he had also declared to an acquaintance the day before the events.

During his detention, the accused was able to use a telephone and in the recorded conversations, “he fully justified his action and showed no regret”, according to investigators. He also specified to have “tried the weapon, with the silencer”, the day before the facts in his garden, where two cases of 9 mm were found. A scene confirmed by the couple’s children.

Contacted, Me Antoine Vey, whose firm defends him, did not wish to make statements before the trial.

She was not sufficiently protected

This 30th feminicide on the 146 counted in 2019 had aroused a strong emotion: “She was not sufficiently protected”, was carried away Marlène Schiappa, then Secretary of State for Equality between women and men, who will then receive associations and relatives of victims of feminicides demanding a “Grenelle” against domestic violence.

Organized on September 3, 2019, this Grenelle led to 46 measures, whose the deployment of anti-reconciliation bracelets. But its effect is considered mixed by the associations, which regret a still alarming number of feminicides, with 90 cases in 2020.

Two other indictments

Two other people, the companion of Bruno Garcia-Cruciani’s sister and a close friend, were indicted for destroying documents or objects relating to a crime or misdemeanor to obstruct the manifestation of the truth and sent to court. Bastia Correctional Facility.

They admitted having destroyed a bag that Bruno Garcia-Cruciani had entrusted to a third person before his act. A bag that contained Julie Douib’s belongings, a computer and two cell phones.

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