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Death of George Floyd: an extraordinary trial opens Monday

Hearings broadcast live, courtroom stars, enhanced security…: the framework is up to the stakes for this “emblematic criminal case, one of the most important in American history”, according to Neal Katyal, who will bring the accusation against Derek Chauvin.

On May 25 in this large city in the northern United States, the white policeman held a knee to George Floyd’s neck, pinned to the ground and handcuffed, for nearly nine minutes. The black forty-something may have begged him, then fell into unconsciousness, he never released his pressure. The torture, filmed by a passerby and broadcast live on the internet, shocked from New York to Seattle, but also in London, Paris, or Sydney, where indignant crowds took to the streets to demand justice, and chant “Black Lives Matter ”(black lives matter).

Police immediately dismissed

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