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Death of Diego Maradona, football legend and “Hand of God”

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Football legend Diego Maradona died of cardiac arrest on Wednesday. He leaves the image of an extraordinary footballer but also of a man of excess.

God has found “his hand”. Diego Maradona died on Wednesday November 25 of cardiac arrest, his spokesperson announced. He was for many the greatest Argentinian player of all time. He was an artist in the field as well as a character of excess outside.

The 1986 world champion was hospitalized for anemia and dehydration on November 2 in La Plata, a city 60 km from Buenos Aires and where he trains the local club. A CT scan then revealed the presence of a subdural hematoma, a pocket of blood formed under the skull. This resulted in his transfer to a private clinic in Olivos, where he was successfully operated on the next day. He was released a few days later to continue his convalescence at home.

A legendary 1986 World Cup

Diego Armando Maradona, born in Buenos Aires, had just celebrated his 60th birthday. He will forever be the incarnation of the position of “diez”, the “number 10” that every child football fan has dreamed of being, able to both dribble and score the most beautiful goals.

Coming from the poor neighborhoods of Buenos Aires, the “Pibe de oro” or “Gamin en or” fell into the cauldron of the Bombonera, the stadium of the Boca Juniors club, when he was small. Diego Maradona will remain the symbol and undisputed captain of Argentina. Under the colors of the national team for 17 years (1977-1994), the legendary number 10 scored 50 goals in 115 matches. A nation to which he offered his second World Cup.

The World Cup-1986, in Mexico, with the Argentine selection is indeed that of the consecration of Diego Maradona. That year, he won the competition after scoring five times and giving his partners five assists in seven games.

However, it was the quarter-final against England that made him legendary. As the two countries clash in the Falklands, Diego Maradona offers victory to his people: first by marking with his hand, a gesture passed down to posterity as the “Hand of God”, then he victoriously dribbles all the defense opponent, in what will be sacred the goal of the twentieth century by Fifa.

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