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“Day 3 after someone’s murder”

Photo Illustration by The Daily Beast / Screenshot / CBS 8

A 16-year-old teenage girl and her 18-year-old boyfriend allegedly stabbed her father to death in April and subsequently vlogged, according to a cellphone video presented to a Nevada grand jury this week.

“Welcome to our YouTube channel… Day 3 after someone’s murder…” Aaron Guerrero told the camera in a clip, CBS 8 News Now reports.

“Whoa, don’t put that in front of the camera,” Sierra Halseth replies, laughing. The two appear to be lying in a tent.

“It was worth it,” Guerrero says. They didn’t upload the video.

Halseth and Guerrero are charged with the murder of Daniel Halseth, 45, and the burning of the Halseth’s house, located on the edge of a golf course in West Las Vegas. The fire cremated almost all of the father’s body. The girl and Guerrero each face counts of Conspiracy to Commit Murder, Murder with a Lethal Weapon, First Degree Arson, Fraudulent Use of Credit Cards, Conspiracy in View. to commit theft and theft with a deadly weapon.

Surveillance footage from Home Depot and WinCo shows the couple buying bleach, a saw and lighter fluid, according to CBS 8. Credit and debit card receipts match purchases.