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David Robo: “Édouard Philippe is a statesman” – Brittany

Édouard Philippe had invited you to spend Easter Monday by his side, in Le Havre. In the meantime, the meeting fell through due to the confinement. What was the purpose of this invitation?

I am part of a group of ten elected officials followed by Édouard Philippe since his time at Matignon. This invitation follows a previous meeting in September within the framework of the Republic of Mayors, the association led by Christophe Béchu, mayor of Angers. We were to meet to discuss the management of the crisis – I repeat in this regard that the mayors should have been involved earlier. It was also an opportunity to talk about our conception of elected officials, our opinions on France. I’m just a small provincial mayor with whom Edward Philippe like to exchange freely.

This canceled meeting, it is only part postponed?

Things are not yet stalled.

Édouard Philippe has been in the news since last week

. He maintains doubts about his intentions for the 2022 presidential election. Did he let anything transpire with you?

If it was, I wouldn’t tell you (laughs).

He is someone who knew how to manage the crisis and who also knows how to decide, as he did with Notre-Dame-des-Landes

The mayor of Le Havre is a candidate for the 2022 presidential election, a scenario that suits you? I have a lotof hooked atoms with Édouard Philippe

. He is a man of exchange, of listening, with humility as his main quality. He is someone who knew how to manage the crisis and who also knows how to decide, as he did with Notre-Dame-des-Landes, a subject on which we did not agree. He has a vision for France. We are dealing with a statesman … With one more thing!

So you would like his candidacy … I wish France to succeed. Edward Philippe

always said he was loyal. The decision (to represent himself or not, Editor’s note) belongs first to President Macron … And then to Édouard Philippe.

* The former prime minister is in the midst of a campaign to promote his book, Impressions et lines clair (JC Lattès, 378 p., € 21.90), written with his former adviser, MEP Gilles Boyer.

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