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Daval case: Alexia’s family claims more than 800,000 euros in damages – France

The family of Alexia Daval claimed Monday before the Assize Court of Haute-Saone more than 800,000 euros in damages to Jonathann Daval, sentenced to 25 years in prison in November for the murder of his wife. The court will deliver its decision on May 25 in Vesoul.

At the hearing, Jonathann Daval’s lawyers judged the sums requested by the civil parties to be “disproportionate”. But for Me Jean-Hubert Portejoie, lawyer for the parents, sister and brother-in-law of the victim, “these requests, as important as they are, take into account the media coverage, the accumulation of tragedies experienced by the parties. civilians and their fusional ties with Alexia ”.

Alexia’s parents asked for 365,000 euros

“The media coverage and successive lies do not enter into account”, replied Jonathann Daval’s lawyer, Me Randall Schwerdorffer for whom only the “emotional bond” and “the suffering of the loss of a loved one” must be compensated. “We cannot claim a prejudice linked to the media coverage when we have participated so much”, he added, “it is a choice, nobody has been forced to speak”.

The parents of the young woman, Jean-Pierre and Isabelle Fouillot, asked for 365,000 euros, including 60,000 euros for professional damage after the sale of their bar-tobacco in Gray. “The amount requested by the parents challenges us, usually we are around 30,000 euros,” pleaded one of Jonathann Daval’s lawyers, Me Ornella Spatafora. The defense also found excessive the compensation claimed by Alexia’s sister and brother-in-law, i.e. 100,000 euros for each of them and 30,000 euros for their two children, as well as those requested by a dozen uncles. and aunts.

Make believe that Alexia’s parents are trying to mint money, it’s extremely awkward and false, it shocked the civil parties

“The damage exists, but we ask you to bring it back to fairer proportions,” pleaded Mes Spatafora and Schwerdorffer, stressing the lack of “demonstration” of the emotional bond binding most of the civil parties to Alexia. But for Me Portejoie, “making believe that Alexia’s parents are trying to mint money is extremely awkward and false, it shocked the civil parties”. “Each drama is different and each civil party reacts differently to the drama that affects them,” he noted.

Highly publicized affair

This hearing on civil interests took place three months after the criminal aspect of this high-profile case. Neither Jonathann Daval nor the civil parties were present. The 36-year-old computer scientist was sentenced on November 21 to 25 years in prison for the murder of his wife Alexia in 2017 in Gray-la-Ville (Haute-Saône), after a week of intense debates. It was then decided to postpone this hearing, which is generally held in the wake of the verdict. “No sum will be able to replace the loss of a loved one” but “after a peaceful penal aspect, I hope for a decision which will be appeasing for all the parties”, observed Advocate General Emmanuel Dupic.

As for Jonathann Daval, who is incarcerated at the Dijon remand center in solitary confinement pending his transfer to the central house, he “is doing better, he has gained weight, he has morale,” his mother said on the steps of the court of Vesoul.

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