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Referee Darren Drysdale was not assigned to an EFL match to officiate this weekend – two weeks after his on-pitch clash with Alan Judge from Ipswich.

Drysdale, who was accused by the FA of misconduct after facing off at the judge, has not refereed a match since the incident in Ipswich’s 0-0 draw with Northampton on February 18.

The 50-year-old official apologized for the incident, saying: “I fully understand that it is important for us as referees to keep our cool throughout the game and to always engage with the players. players in a professional manner. “

The Ipswich judge replied: “There was no need to apologize. I was not looking for one and I was not looking for any action to take.

“In football, as everyone knows, things happen in the heat of the moment in a game. We all make mistakes and for me that’s the end of it.”


Former Premier League forward Dean Ashton admits he is ‘ashamed’ of the way he spoke to referees during his career after official Darren Drysdale faced off against Alan Judge of Ipswich in a League One match.

The two exchanged words in the 90th minute after the midfielder’s appeal for a penalty was dismissed before the 49-year-old Lincolnshire official looked into the judge.

Ipswich pair Flynn Downes and Jack Lankester and Northampton defender Lloyd Jones stepped in and calmed things down before Drysdale recruited Judge.

Then-Ipswich boss Paul Lambert, who left the club on Sunday, urged the FA to “do the right thing” in their handling of the incident and confirmed he had spoken to Mike Jones (responsible EFL referees) about the incident.

“I think the apology is very sweet – it’s easy to apologize after the event,” Lambert told Sky Sports News. “What happened was incredible, I’ve never seen it, for a referee to come face to face with a player.

“He must have been put away by the Northampton players and at that point he is out of control. What happened to Alan Judge if he had done that to the referee? He would have considered a ban from six months, a one-year ban and a massive fine. “

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