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Darmanin announces an anti-drug operation in a city after a report by Quotidien – RT in French

The Minister of the Interior announced on August 31 an anti-drug operation in Marseille. It occurs the day after a report from Quotidien and also precedes a visit by the President of the Republic to the Marseille city.

Gérald Darmanin, the Minister of the Interior, announced on August 31 that he had ordered a police operation in the city of Flamants in Marseille, following a report on the Quotidien program which toured social networks. Relaying the sequence, the Minister of the Interior declared: “At my request, a major anti-drug operation was carried out today in Cité des Flamants. Other operations will follow, ”he promises before exposing the result of this descent. “Results: four arrests and seizures of drugs and cash”.

The report showed individuals that Daily portrayed as the Flamingos City deal point controllers. “Do you see Macron? The French obey him. Well, it’s the same here, the people who want to return to the neighborhood, they obey us ”, we can hear from the mouth of one of the people interviewed. Gérald Darmanin’s tweet comes on the eve of a three-day visit by Emmanuel Macron to the Marseille city, during which he must announce a major plan to help the city against insecurity and unsanitary housing, as well as for the renovation of schools and public transport.

With 156 deal points listed in Marseille in February 2021 by the local daily Provence (220 in the whole department), that is to say “twice as much as [de] post offices ”, Marseille is plagued by drug trafficking, which generates considerable sums: up to 80,000 euros per day in the city of Olives. Sums that stir up greed and turf wars, with increasingly younger victims. On August 18, a gunman sprayed Kalashnikov bullets at a deal point, killing a 14-year-old. Since the beginning of the year, three people have been killed, bringing to 15 the number of victims of settling of scores since the beginning of the year, including 12 in the middle of the summer.

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