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Darknet: “Haurus”, the ex-agent of the DGSI, fixed on his fate this Thursday – France

In a four-day trial in June, the prosecution had required seven years of imprisonment with warrant of committal against this 35-year-old man who “betrayed the Republic”. He had recognized almost all of the charges, but assured not to be the same person, a “thug” who “sank for ease”.

“An individual devoid of moral sense and scruples”

At the bar, “Haurus” explained to have started his illicit activities on the darknet to “put butter in the spinach”, since he was in debt. He gradually diversified them by selling, for remuneration in bitcoins, confidential data extracted from police files to which he had access: identities, addresses, telephone geolocations, false administrative documents… Before starting to manufacture false checks. So much “overwhelming evidence”, according to prosecutor Catherine Denis, who portrayed “an individual devoid of moral sense and scruples”.

“There is not a single piece of information concerning an ongoing investigation that has been sold or even offered by Haurus,” retorted his lawyer, Me Yassine Bouzrou, recalling that his client had not drawn in the database of the Directorate-General for Internal Security (DGSI). “Any police officer in France could have had access to the same information,” he said.

Other defendants

Other people are on trial in this case. The prosecutor thus requested five years in prison, including three suspended sentences, against the alleged accomplice and companion of “Haurus”, whom she accuses of having been “perfectly aware of the way in which resources arrived in the couple”. For his lawyer, Me Dylan Slama, the young man, a student at the time of the facts, is above all a “partridge of the year” who is trying “to wear a suit that is too big for him”.

The prosecution has, moreover, required one and two years in prison against two counterfeiters of the darknet, with whom “Haurus” was in business, and four years suspended and five years in prison against two of his clients.

To note

Beyond the jurisdiction of Nanterre, “Haurus” is also indicted in the Marseille section of the case for passive corruption and criminal association with a view to committing organized gang crimes.

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