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Danhausen was only a free agent for less than two weeks, but he is now an employee at A&W. Unfortunately for him, maybe it wasn’t the job he expected.

For those who know the hijinx of the very nice and very mean Danhausen, he will often call All Elite Wrestling A&W. He hilariously ignores that this is a fast food restaurant.

Danhausen, looking for a new job and more “money,” recently filled out an application with A&W and posted it on social media. This caught the attention of the restaurant that hired Danhausen on the spot, tweeting:

“@DanhausenAD A very good, very impressive app. You are hired. * Tick emoji *,” A&W tweeted.

Will Danhausen sign with All Elite Wrestling?

Although Danhausen believes a job at A&W is his key to returning to television, it won’t.

The key to getting him back on TV and collecting “bags of money” will undoubtedly be with All Elite Wrestling. Some fans believe that without the injury he suffered at the end of October, he would already be “All Elite”.

But Danhausen continues to make the most of bad situations and arguably has made himself known more on social media than any other wrestler in the industry right now.

One could also argue that Danhausen single-handedly brought Billy Gunn’s children, The Gunn Club, into All Elite Wrestling by calling them “The A ** Boys”. This interaction over the past few months has helped them reach new heights of popularity that very few people saw coming.

If he can do it for an act without even being employed by the company, imagine what he can do for the rest of the list once he’s working there.

Will All Elite Wrestling soon become All Elitehausen? Or will they be forever cursed? We will find out soon enough.

Do you like this Danhausen? Do you think he’ll end up working for All Elite Wrestling in 2022? Or is A&W the closest it will ever get? Let us know your thoughts by having your say in the comments section below.

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Danhausen confirms his stint at A&W

Q. Will Danhausen sign with All Elite Wrestling?

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Danhausen confirms his stint at A&W1 comment