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Dan Levy’s Met Gala Look Has A Message That Is Simply The Best

Open one of Herb Ertlinger’s fruit wines, such as Dan Levy officially arrived at the 2021 Met Gala.

While the theme for this year’s biggest party in fashion is “Celebrating in America: A Fashion Lexicon,” the Schitt Creek co-creator seems to have a message for the world on his red carpet ensemble. We are of course referring to Levy’s frilly outfit by Loewe.

The highly photographed personalized number features a map print covering the sleeves and over-the-top pants. There is also a notable engraving of two men pressing their lips together, apparently emphasizing that love is love. Philippe Picardi, the former content editor of Vogue teens, has since confirmed the Live from E! : The 2021 Met Gala that the whole pays homage to the late David Wojnarowicz, an American artist who died of AIDS in 1992.

“He wanted to make a truly declarative and proud statement about queer love,” Picardi explains, “which I’m absolutely in love with”.