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The song “Touch,” from “Random Access Memories,” begins to play – “Wait”, go lyrics, “if love is the answer, you’re home” – as the rest of the band walk in. sunset. The years 1993 to 2021 flash on the screen.

Daft Punk released his debut album, “Homework”, on Virgin Records in 1997, finding unlikely international hits in “Da Funk” and “Around the World”. The duo’s follow-up, “Discovery”, was released in 2001 and included singles like “Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger” (later sampled by Kanye West) and “One More Time”. In 2005, the band released “Human After All,” touring extensively over the next two years, including a memorable performance atop an elaborate light pyramid at Coachella in 2006 which was Daft Punk’s first gig. in the United States in nearly a decade. A live album from this period, “Alive 2007” went on to win the Grammy for Best Electronic / Dance Album.

In the years that followed, even as his myth grew and the so-called EDMDJs and producers grew into a billion dollar business, Daft Punk retreated somewhat from sample-based dance music. that he had helped popularize. For “Random Access Memories,” which would be released by a new label, Columbia Records, the band used renowned session players and sought to make “every sound from scratch, creating a world of sound from scratch”, Bangalter told The Times.

“In some ways, it’s like we’re driving on a freeway in the opposite direction to everyone,” he said, adding, “Computers were never designed to be musical instruments. “

“Get Lucky”, the debut single from the album with Pharrell Williams, would go on to become the band’s most successful song to date, reaching No. 2 on the Billboard Hot 100. Daft Punk subsequently made his first and only career. as guests on The Weeknd’s “Starboy”, which they performed (along with another collaboration, “I Feel It Coming”) at the Grammys in 2017. It would be their last show.

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