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DaBaby apologizes to LGBTQ + community for ‘hurtful’ comments

DaBaby issued an apology for his recent homophobic remarks.

“Social media evolves so fast that people want to tear you down before you even have a chance to grow, educate and learn from your mistakes,” the rapper wrote in a post shared on Instagram on August 2. . “As a man who had to fend for himself in very difficult circumstances, to have people I know working publicly against me – knowing that what I needed was to be educated on these matters and to be guided. – was a challenge. I appreciate the many people who have come to me kindly, who have contacted me privately to offer me wisdom, education and resources. This is what I needed and it has been. received.

He then apologized to the LGBTQ + community for the “hurtful and triggering comments” he made on Sunday, July 25. “Again, I apologize for my misinformed comments about HIV / AIDS and I know education about it is important,” he concluded. “Love to all. God bless you. -DaBaby.”

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