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D.C.-area forecast: A few showers today and warm through Easter Sunday

A somewhat subjective assessment of the day’s weather, on a scale of 0 to 10.

7/10: Cloudier than yesterday, and a few showers could occur at the end of the day. It’s pretty correct anyway.

  • Today: Increasing clouds. Showers in the afternoon. Treble: Mid 60s.
  • This evening: Showers in the evening, then clearing. Lows: Upper 40s to lower 50s.
  • Tomorrow: Partly sunny. A late shower? Highs: mid 60s to near 70.

The month of March is going rather peacefully. This is good news for this Easter weekend. Although we may see a few showers at the end of the day in particular, most of the weekend will be dry. Temperatures are also warm. With average highs in the 60s, both days should easily exceed the norm.

Today (Saturday): The morning sun becomes more and more shrouded in clouds as time goes by. Mostly cloudy weather is more likely in the afternoon. If showers end up being concentrated, it will likely be late afternoon or evening, although a few showers may develop earlier or linger later. Before that, most places with highs were in the mid 60s – maybe low 60s in the northwest and upper 60s in the south. Winds blow from the south between 5 and 10 mph after a few hours of sunrise. Trust: medium-high

This evening: Showers diminish throughout the evening and the sky becomes clearer overnight. Readings dip into the upper 40s and lower 50s for the lows. Winds are light from the west. Trust: medium-high

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Tomorrow (Easter Sunday): Afternoon temperatures reach the upper 60s and lower 70s, about 10 degrees warmer than average. A brief passing shower is possible in the evening. Trust: medium-high

Tomorrow evening: Maybe a shower in the evening, then the night is a little iffy. A frontal zone establishing over the area can be a conduit for rain or storms. It is difficult to predict precisely where this will settle, but there is a chance of rain. Trust: medium-high

The frontal zone extends into the region across Monday. This means that showers may occasionally water the area. Temperatures reach the upper 50s and lower 60s for highs. Confidence: average

Still similar Tuesday, but the main trough in the jet stream is approaching and this may increase precipitation and add the potential for strong to severe storms. For now, the worst of the storm looks like it will stay to the south, but it could at least be fairly wet. Near 60 to maybe mid 60s for the treble. Confidence: average

News Source : www.washingtonpost.com
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