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Doctor Michel Cymes is accused of plagiarism by his colleague, also a science journalist, Marc Gozlan, after publishing a blog post almost identical to his about love in times of Covid-19.

The doctor Michel Cymes is accused of plagiarism by the doctor and scientific journalist Marc Gozlan. On February 22, 2021, the latter wrote on Twitter: “RTL France, do you find it normal to edit a paper by Michel Cymes reproducing almost literally whole sentences from one of my recent blog posts?” The post in question concerns “love in times of Covid-19”.

On a screenshot shared by Marc Gozlan, we can see two texts: one he published on The world on February 14, the other published by Michel Cymes on RTL. The two are almost identical. Marc Gozlan ironically asks RTL: “Could you contact me to pay me the amount of Michel Cymes’ freelance?”

Neither Michel Cymes nor RTL have reacted for the moment.

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