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Cycling.  Will the Loudéac Velodrome see the light of day?  – Cycling

A multifunction complex

Yohann Hervo, vice-president in charge of sports at Loudéac Communauté Bretagne Center (LCBC), project manager, has been supervising the project since 2017. “It was started almost nine years ago (2013)”, he recalls. Concretely, we are talking about equipment with a total cost of 12.08 M € (10.70 M € of works, 1.38 M € of remuneration of the architect). A 7,000 m2 velodrome for 500 seats, with a contemporary feel, clad in wood, glass and steel. The building would rise to two floors. Inside, a 200 m wooden track would serve a central multifunctional area. Entirely modular, it would allow the development of sports, cultural and associative activities.

A tight budget

The elected officials of Loudéac Communauté Bretagne voted for the project in October 2019. The velodrome would be funded at 70% by the State (1 M €), the National Sports Agency (1.90 M €), the Region (3 M €) €), the Department of Côtes-d’Armor (€ 2 million) and the town of Loudéac (€ 400,000), the “LCBC” carrying the remaining 30%. “To date,” says Yohann Hervo, “the building permit is in the process of being validated, the call for tenders has been launched and the opening of the bids will take place on November 19. “

The step promises to be crucial because the rise in the price of raw materials which affects the construction industry could make the initial envelope too narrow. “We are worried but we remain positive,” explains the mayor of Allineuc. Some of these companies currently have work, but not necessarily for 2022 and 2023. Maybe that will encourage them to position themselves. All we hope is a lot of local businesses will respond ”.

(Photo Loudéac Community)

A race against time

The project is therefore written in dotted lines. “There are three possible scenarios, unfolds Yohann Hervo. Either the budget is exceeded by 3 M € and it’s over. Either we are in the envelope and, there, things are rolling, we start the work in January, as planned. Either 500,000 or 600,000 € is missing and between partners, we sit around the table, saying to ourselves: “We didn’t do all that for that!” “”. The chosen one then chooses a metaphor of circumstance: “It’s a time trial, which started nine years ago”. A race against time which, in the event of a successful consultation on November 19, would enter its final sprint immediately after, with a quick analysis by the architect followed by a (favorable) vote at the community council on December 14. “And there, fire: start of work in January!” »For delivery scheduled for June 2023.

Confidence assumed

“It’s an issue that has been complicated from the start,” Yohann Hervo knows. He says it frankly: “We have no luck because without this increase in the price of raw materials, we were sure to make the velodrome”. However, the elected representative wants to be confident. “After all the work that has been done, I can’t imagine for a second that we don’t do it.” The air of nothing, the three medals of Alexandre Le Léauté, the child of Saint-Caradec, at the Tokyo Paralympic Games “play for us”, assures Yohann Hervo. “If you want medals in the sector, you need equipment. Not to mention that we would be the host structure for the 2024 Olympics. However, the government said loud and clear that it was necessary to be at the rendezvous of these Games ”. On your marks ! Ready?

Cycling.  Will the Loudéac Velodrome see the light of day?  – Cycling
(Photo Loudéac Community)