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Cycling.  Tour of Brittany: Retailleau and the big household [Vidéo] – Cycling

Tour of Brittany (1st stage)

So, too “fastoche”, the Tour de Bretagne? In any case, that was the opinion of some observers, two and a half years ago, at the end of a 53rd edition where all the stages were played in a sprint and the general classification in the addition of places. . That of Monday, which linked the small town of Cambout to Allineuc, was no exception but the first final packaging concerned only nine riders (including four Bretons!).

Above all, it had the merit of clarifying the entry situation insofar as the first platoon (reduced to about fifty units) finished more than two minutes, while around forty men have already released a quarter of an hour (or more…) in the case.

“It never unplugged …”

“With 2,600 meters (of difference in altitude) in 160 kilometers, I expected an open race, I was not disappointed…”, smiled the experienced Anthony Delaplace (Arkéa-Samsic), the only one in contention for “ overtake »Tour de France – Tour de Bretagne. “After Mûr-de-Bretagne (km 100), things never turned off until the finish. This stage will inevitably leave traces ”, added the one who, during his last participation in the event (in 2015), had worn the leader’s jersey one day before finishing at the foot of the podium.

Six days from Dinan and its cobbled streets, the Normand (6th on the sunny line of Allineuc) is careful not to mention the general classification, but he is in “the game” like the Bretons Thibault Ferasse ( B & B Hôtels), second, Jean-Louis Le Ny (WB Fybolia-Locminé), 7th, from the duo Johan Le Bon – Léo Danès (Dinan Sport Cycling), respectively 8 and 9, or even off-road Antoine Huby ( Cross Team Legendre), triple French cyclo-cross champion, who spent only 19 small seconds in his department, a trifle on Monday. The most disappointed among them in the finish area? No doubt Johan Le Bon who, by carrying a violent attack in the final, did not go far from his… 17 success of the season. “There aren’t fifty occasions like this. Unfortunately for me, I crashed like a shit, ”enraged the former professional, a little surprised by this start with a bang and at the same time aware that the road is long. “Here, everything can go very quickly in either direction: during my first Tour de Bretagne (in 2010), I was also well placed from the start before a reversal of the situation at mid-race (he had completed 34) ”.

Exhausted on arrival, Johan Le Bon did not come far from victory at Allineuc. (Photo Nicolas Créach)

Retailleau as a champion

Valentin Retaillau will remember the message. At 21, the one who in his turn discovers the most beautiful stage race in the region, will not leave empty-handed anyway: a month and a half after having won the title of champion of France hopes (in front of the Costarmorican Mathis Le Berre) in Seine-et-Marne, the rider from Oradour-sur-Glane (Haute-Vienne), professional trainee at AG2R-Citroën, prolonged the euphoria by winning this puzzling introduction. “With all these punchy bumps on the program, I knew I had the means to have a good time,” he slipped, a big smile on his face. At Allineuc, obviously not everyone could say the same.


1st stage (Le Cambout – Allineuc): 1. Valentin Retailleau (AG2R-Citroën U19) the 159 km in 4 h 02’27 ”; 2. T. Ferasse (B&B Hotels) mt; 3. N. Van der Lijke (Riwal) mt; 4. J. Maas (Leopard Pro) mt; 5. L. Rüegg (Swiss Racing Academy) mt; 6. A. Delaplace (Arkéa-Samsic) mt; 7. JL. The Ny (WB Fybolia-Locminé) mt; 8. J. Le Bon (Dinan Sport Cycling) mt; 9. L. Danès (Dinan Sport Cycling) mt; 10. A. Huby (Cross Team Legendre) at 19 ”; 11. Mr. Dinham (Team BridgeLane) mt; 12. J. Labrosse (AG2R-Citroën U19) at 1’11 ”, 14. M. Le Berre (Arkéa-Samsic) mt; 14. S. Chainel (Cross Team Legendre) at 1’15 ”; 15. N. Bagioli (B&B Hotels); 16. E. Costiou (Côtes-d’Armor – Marie Morin) at 1’22 ”. 129 classified.

Points: Valentin Retailleau (AG2R-Citroën U19). Climbers: Louis Coqueret (Leopard Pro Cycling). Sprint: Oscar Onley (Development Team DSM). Young people: Valentin Retailleau (AG2R-Citroën U19). Combined: Louis Coqueret (Leopard Pro Cycling). Teams: Dinan Sport Cycling.

This Tuesday, 2nd stage (Corlay – Rosporden). Departure from Corlay at 11:57 a.m. then Plounévez-Quintin (12:15 p.m.), Saint-Lubin (12:26 p.m.), Maël-Carhaix (12:36 p.m.), Trebrivan (12:59 p.m.), Carnoët (1:03 p.m.), Poullaouen (1:15 p.m.), Plouyé (1:33 p.m.), Landeleau (1:44 p.m.), Saint-Goazec (2:19 p.m.), Laz (2:36 p.m.), Leuhan (2:56 p.m.), Rosporden (3:14 p.m.), arrival at the 5th passage of a 6.4 km circuit (3:58 p.m.). Total: 169.1 km.