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Cycling.  Madiot: “The Olympic race less than a week after the arrival of the Tour de France, that’s nonsense!  “- Cycling

Marc Madiot, is it an advantage to compete in the Olympic race at the end of the Tour de France?

I do not know. What I do know, however, and what bothers me, is that the IOC (International Olympic Committee) has not heard the recommendations of the UCI (International Cycling Union) and ASO (Amaury sport organization). Because here, seriously, we must not mess around: we say that we protect the health of athletes, we take good care of them, that is the priority. My eye ! The IOC does not care about the athletes! The IOC is above everything!

You’re angry…

Taking the plane to Tokyo after three weeks of the Tour de France, I still find it very average. Large authorities are not even able to agree. Athletes, they don’t care. So it may not be politically correct to say that but, sorry, it is the reality. I’m sorry, the Olympics don’t last two days. There was a way to shift the race. We pushed some riders to abandon the Tour de France. It was not good that Mathieu van der Poel left the Tour, but we put him in a bad situation. I don’t want to incriminate him.

Is it not good for a runner’s health to fly to Japan on the evening of the Tour de France?

We can do better, though, right? No need to do 25 years of study to understand this. I will still pass for a cranky, a pain in the ass …

What do you expect from David Gaudu in Tokyo?

Physically, he came out of the Tour de France well. Now everything will depend on the adaptation. But, anyway for all runners it will be the same. Those who will not support the adaptation will be out of the race early.

If you were still a runner, what would you have done?

I did the Olympics (in 1980 in Moscow) once, not twice. I was an amateur at the time, I was not going to wait at this level four years before going back. Now, cycling is not in the situation of certain sports which have been waiting for this for four years. We have the Tour de France. In Moscow, I arrived two days before the race, I spent my time going through identity checks to go to buildings or to the Olympic Village. We were parked, and the day after the race, we were at home. I certainly wouldn’t have done four years as an amateur to relive that.

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