Crypto betting in 2023: What you need to know

As cryptocurrencies gain popularity, more people are beginning to use them for a variety of purposes, and it may be that casinos and sports betting sites that accept cryptocurrencies will rank among the most lucrative sectors of the online economy in 2023.

The concept of cryptocurrency betting is straightforward. In many respects, it is just like traditional sports betting and gambling, with one or two differences. At the same time, compared to traditional money, cryptocurrency offers less stability. The rise of crypto sportsbooks and casinos (to be found on BitEdge), therefore, represents an interesting challenge and opportunity in the year ahead.


Potential advantages of crypto betting

The decentralized nature of cryptocurrencies in theory offers advantages for bettors over traditional betting with fiat money. These advantages can potentially include increased anonymity, better financial security, faster transactions, global accessibility, inflation-proofing and in some cases, new and innovative games, as crypto-betting sites tend to be among the newer betting platforms online.


The rise of online gambling

Online gambling has become the default method for betting on sports or playing at casinos in many jurisdictions. Convenience is a key factor here, as betting online simply requires a banking source and the ability to verify your identity, provided online gambling is legal in your state or region.

The competitive nature of the online betting market also means that customers can take advantage of some eye-catching bonuses, while most casino and sports betting sites offer a huge selection of games, markets, features and promotions. Cryptocurrency betting sites represent the latest technological development in the online gambling sector and are set to take off in 2023.


How does crypto betting work?

Essentially there are two types of cryptocurrency betting, both of which are on the rise. The first is pure cryptocurrency betting. In this case, the betting site accepts deposits in the cryptocurrency of your choice, enabling you to bet and make withdrawals in the same currency.

The second option includes sites that offer cryptocurrency deposits, withdrawals or both. These can be handy for some bettors, but the potential downside here is that transactions at this type of betting site involve exchanging cryptocurrency into fiat currency or the other way around, and the betting site may not give you the best possible exchange rate.


Is crypto betting right for me?

The crypto betting sector is likely to continue to grow and these sites will be keen to attract new customers, so this could be a good time to move to crypto betting if you have been considering it. However, there are some important factors to consider in deciding whether it is right for you.

Cryptocurrency can be a complicated concept to understand, and if you are not familiar with the technology and the terminology involved, it is not a good idea to try crypto betting. It is also important to remember that all cryptocurrencies can be volatile. You may, for example, win a few bets at a crypto betting site, but if the value of the currency drops, you may end up as a loser after all.

Essentially, crypto betting involves a level of initial investment and risk that doesn’t exist with fiat currencies. You are initially investing in a currency, and then using it to bet on a sports event. You should only do so if you fully understand the technicalities and the risks.


Crypto betting and legality in 2023

The regulation of cryptocurrencies is an ongoing issue around the world. In the US, in particular, there is a further layer of complication in that each state is free to make its own rules on betting, following the Supreme Court decision of May 2018.

Those rules and regulations are in a state of flux as new betting sectors are legalized, as is the legality of cryptocurrency use. So, the key to betting with cryptocurrency in 2023 will be to stay on top of the legal and regulatory developments in your area.

Every US state and every nation that has a legal gambling sector will have an authority that oversees the operation of the sector. That regulatory body is usually the best place to start if you have questions or concerns about crypto betting. It is also important to remember that you should never, under any circumstances, bet at any crypto-betting site that is not fully licensed and regulated.



Cryptocurrencies are here to stay, and crypto betting sites are among the most interesting and exciting new crypto-friendly platforms. As cryptocurrencies move from being an investment option to a regular currency, the number of crypto betting sites will grow rapidly and 2023 could be the start of a crypto betting revolution around the world.


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