Crying father hears his daughter die and begins to pray, she opens her eyes days later

A Nebraska father’s fears turned into reality when he found out his daughter had died. Heartbroken, he began to pray, not knowing that his daughter would learn the news by miraculously opening her eyes after a few days.

For parents, what matters most is the safety of their child. Whenever their teen takes permission to hang out with their friends, many parents worry that their child will get in trouble, but let them go anyway because they don’t want to become a controlling parent.

Usually the children go home after having a good time with their friends and the parents feel comfortable. However, for some parents, their worst nightmare comes true when their child doesn’t come home and they see an unknown caller number on their phone.

Tesfaye Ailbe. | Source: NewsWatch 7


May 28, 2022 was a happy day for Tesfaye Ailbe as her 18-year-old daughter, Hannah Wadiso, had graduated from high school. He had dreamed of this day for a long time, and seeing his girlfriend wearing the graduation cap made him proud.

Like most parents, Ailbe wanted to celebrate her daughter’s success. The next day, he went out with his family to praise Wadiso’s hard work. Ailbe recalled:

“We enjoyed the day happily, enjoyed the music, the praise.”

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After spending the day with her family, Wadiso wanted to attend a car show with her friends, so she asked Ailbe for permission. She told him that everyone was going to watch the race that night.

After receiving a phone call that neither parent wanted to answer, Ailbe rushed to see her daughter.

Like many parents, Ailbe was undecided about sending his daughter alone at night, but he let her go, telling her to be careful. It was a big day for her, so he let her do whatever she wanted. Little did he know that he would soon regret his decision.

Tesfaye Ailbe speaks during an interview. | Source: NewsWatch 7


Shortly after Wadiso left, Ailbe began to feel uneasy. His intuition told him something was wrong, so he decided to follow his daughter down the trail where she went with her friends.

After reaching the racetrack, Ailbe looked around but couldn’t spot his daughter. He walked for a while and then returned home. Four hours later, he saw an unknown caller ID on his phone. When he received the call, the person on the other end of the line said:

“I have this number. You don’t know me, but your daughter has had an accident and is in poor condition. Please reach her now.

Tesfaye Ailbe remembers what happened. | Source: NewsWatch 7


After receiving a phone call that neither parent wanted to answer, Ailbe rushed to see her daughter. Heart pounding, he reached the place the person on the phone had told him.

Ailbe saw the police surround a wrecked car. When he approached the crash site and questioned a police officer about Wadiso, he received a shocking response. The policeman told her that her daughter had died after a car hit her. Ailbe recounted what happened next:

“On the road we cried, we knelt, we prayed.”

Police surround the wrecked car. | Source: NewsWatch 7


When Ailbe asked the police if he could approach his daughter and see her, they forbade him and asked him to stay away from the scene of the accident. Ailbe was heartbroken to know that his daughter had died, unaware that he would soon witness a miracle.

Two hours later, Ailbe’s phone rang and he saw another unknown caller ID. The devastated father remembers what the person on the other end told him:

“She’s in the ER, Bryan West, in critical condition. The car ran over them and some people around them lifted the car.

Tesfaye Ailbe talks about the accident. | Source: NewsWatch 7


Ailbe rushed to the hospital and saw Wadiso in the emergency room lying helpless on the bed as doctors tried their best to resuscitate her. The heartbroken father prayed for his baby girl to come back to life, and his prayers were answered quickly.

Wadiso miraculously opened his eyes after being hospitalized for a few days. Ailbe recalls his daughter crying after learning she had survived the crash, while he was grateful that Wadiso had come back to life. He said:

“It’s a chance that God gave you, my daughter, be happy, don’t get angry.”

Tesfaye Ailbe holds the photo of her daughter. | Source: NewsWatch 7


On the day Wadiso went to see the car show, two cars collided and rammed passers-by, injuring 20 people. Wadiso was among the unfortunate injured in the crash.

The collision occurred when an 18-year-old driver rammed his car into another vehicle with two women. Police later identified them as Emily Siebenhor, 20, and Edith Hermosillo, 22. When Ailbe learned of their disappearance, he told his daughter:

“The other two weren’t so lucky. You are the lucky one.

The damaged car. | Source: NewsWatch 7


After the investigation, the police released a statement explaining what happened on the night of May 29, 2022. They told a passerby called Ailbe, informing him that his daughter had been hit by a car.

When the devastated father arrived at the scene of the crash, he asked officers about one of the dead women, believing it to be Wadiso. When they told Ailbe the girl was dead, he assumed it was his daughter. The police regretted the misunderstanding and hoped that Wadiso would recover soon.

During this time, they interviewed 18-year-old Kyvell Stark, who had been in a car accident, killing two women. A police complaint was filed against him for the deaths and injuries his mistake had caused. Police also revealed that Stark did not have a driver’s license.


Ailbe revealed that his family had stopped working and stayed home to care for Wadiso and his brother with special needs. Doctors had told them that Wadiso’s pelvic wound would take time to heal.

Meanwhile, a kind person reached out to Ailbe asking for permission to set up a GoFundMe page for Waldo’s expensive treatment. The fundraiser organizer wrote:

“The family are dealing with huge medical bills and are also caring for another child with special needs at home.”

Wadiso’s story proves that people who believe in helping others still exist. She wouldn’t have survived if not for the person who pulled her from under the car. Ailbe was grateful to the stranger for saving his daughter’s life.

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