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Cruz also referred to photos that have been circulating in recent days of his family’s pet dog, named Snowflake, apparently abandoned at his home as his owners fled to Mexico.

“I spend too much time on Twitter, so I apparently see that I literally gave Snowflake to the wolves,” said Cruz, explaining that the dog was accompanied by a guardian, “and in fact, the heat and the electricity. were back. ”

Cruz said it was “really scary” that a reporter captured a photo of his dog staring desperately out of a window, and “even scarier” that his wife Heidi was photographed on the beach “in a bikini” by paparazzi.

“I’ll tell you she’s pissed off. Everything else, she’s okay, ”said Cruz, adding,“ Heidi is a hot smoker, so I looked at the pictures and said, ‘Dude, you look great.’ “

In the 2016 Republican presidential primary, then-candidate Donald Trump memorable threatened to ‘spill the beans’ on Heidi Cruz and tweeted an unflattering photo of her alongside a glossy image of his own wife, Melania. The senator condemned the posts at the time, but became one of Trump’s fiercest supporters in Congress after he was elected president.

On Tuesday, Cruz said his wife was also “quite upset” that messages from a group text were leaked to the New York Times, showing her bemoaning the “FREEZING” temperature in their home and suggesting a hotel getaway. Ritz-Carlton in Cancún.

Cruz said his wife “was actually at a neighbor’s house yesterday, sort of going through” the messages. “We have a number of Republicans who are neighbors, but we also have a number of Democrats,” he said.

There were even ‘people on our street who put up Beto signs, which I found a bit rude,’ said Cruz, referring to his 2018 re-election run against former Democratic Representative Beto O ‘ Rourke.

“You know, I didn’t, like, threw a victory party on their front yards when we won,” he said.

In another interview Tuesday on Tory radio host Hugh Hewitt’s show, Cruz admitted his decision to travel to Cancun “was stupid as hell” but again sought to put his children at the center. controversy.

“My kids wanted to get out of there. We spent two days without electricity, ”he said. “And so Heidi and I said yes, and we took them to the beach.” And with hindsight, that was obviously a mistake. And since then the media seem to be totally obsessed. “

Pressed to know if he or his wife had already considered the damaging optics of their trip, Cruz declared: “I certainly realized that it would look bad and that people would criticize him.

But “at the same time, I’m a dad,” he says. “And our daughters are 10 and 12 years old. I’m on the road all the time. ”

Cruz said it was one of his two daughters and her friend who initially “said to us and the friend’s parents, ‘Look, why are we staying here? Why don’t we go somewhere where there is electricity and it doesn’t freeze? ”

He and his wife were “just trying to be good parents” when they gave the go-ahead for the holidays, Cruz said.

“Back then, I was trying to take care of my family, take care of my kids, which Texans were doing all over the state.”

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