Cross reproaches and money conflicts: what was the real bond between Gustavo Martínez and the Fort family

Gustavo Martínez, Ricardo Fort and Marisa López with Martita and Felipe

A shock caused the sudden death of Gustavo Martinezthe former partner of Ricardo Fort who fell from the 21st floor of the apartment he lived in Belgrano. While the Justice investigates the case, Philip Fortson of the businessman, declared to the Police that he was depressed because next week with his twin sister, Martha, they will turn 18, and Gustavo would then cease to be the legal guardian. For that reason, he had threatened to throw himself from the balcony.

“He made the decision to take his own life”assured the lawyer Cesar Carozza, a friend of the Fort family, confirming that it was a suicide. “The boys were in the apartment. It is time to contain them”, added the lawyer when leaving the building in Belgrano where the godfather lived with the teenagers.

But if he left something in evidence of Martínez’s death, it is a strong intern in the Fort family, which has been coming for a long time, and which Felipe ended up ratifying in these hours with a series of messages on his Instagram. “The only people who were always there for us were Marisa (López, her nanny), Eduardo (Fort, her uncle), César (Carozza) and friends. And more people left to name. Dad will receive him (Gustavo) with closed arms. Do not think, do not comment, do not know and never knew “, expressed the young man, in two posts that he later deleted. “I find people who give their opinion without knowing what happened and without knowing how we lived the last seven years to be very hypocritical,” he closed.

Cross reproaches and money conflicts: what was the real bond between Gustavo Martínez and the Fort family

In this way, one of the heirs to the Felfort empire hinted that his life had not been easy since the death of his father on November 25, 2013. It was from that moment on that Gustavo was left in charge of raising the brothers, fulfilling the mandate left to him by Ricardo, who had been his partner for six years.. Felipe’s statements, written from the shock of someone who has just lost a loved one, drew attention since in his last public appearances he claimed to have a good relationship with Gustavo. This is the first time that Felipe is encouraged to show his feelings with an open heart.

as far as he could tell teleshow by people around the remembered businessman, the Fort family always respected Martínez, although the relationship was not optimal. Even in these years several frictions arose, especially linked to money issues. Although the personal trainer kept a low profile in the media, he once publicly expressed his anger against Ricardo’s relatives.

It happened in May 2017 when the journalist Augusto Tartufoli exhibited in intruders a fight Martínez apparently had with Edward Fort: “The Fort family perceives that there is a claim from Gustavo asking for a money account to be opened in his name. They say: ‘The welfare of Ricardo’s children is guaranteed for 100 years’. They ask themselves: ‘What need is there to set up an account in the name of Gustavo Martínez?’”.

“Tartu said an outrageous thing -said Martínez, after having communicated with the production of the cycle and going on the air via telephone-. You are a friend of Eduardo Fort and you are wrong. I do not have a weight of that family. What I was asking for was what the companies left on the side, which they distributed to Ricardo, and since he died nothing ever appeared again”. And he added, in dialogue with Jorge Rial: “I never asked for anything. I told him to put that money in an account, in the name of Ricardo’s children. I never touched a peso from Ricardo, much less the children.”

The personal trainer was angry about a claim for money from Eduardo Fort

Although Tartúfoli tried to talk, Gustavo kept talking about the alleged irregularities in the management of the twins’ assets. “All of this comes from the family. There was a sum of money that they always kept and distributed among all the heirs. When Ricardo died, that money disappeared. Two or three years passed and I told them: ‘Are you transferring that sum to the boys’ account?’ Any!”. Furthermore, he stated: “Please don’t talk about money because they are dirty (because of the Fort), I’m not dirty with money. Don’t fuck with me because I don’t have a peso. I live with the money from the (personal trainer) classes”.

Martita Fort at her 15th birthday party with Gustavo Martínez (Photos: Christian Bochichio/Teleshow)
Martita Fort at her 15th birthday party with Gustavo Martínez (Photos: Christian Bochichio/Teleshow)

Martínez then affirmed that Eduardo and Ricardo Fort never had a good relationship (with Jorge, the third of the brothers, the link was non-existent). He even stressed that in the worst moments of the media, it was he himself who accompanied him unconditionally, and not someone from his family. “Talk to Mr. Fort, who now remembers his brother, when I was the one who lived and took care of all the operations, like a lot of things. I was by Ricardo’s side from morning to night and I only saw Eduardo once while his brother was ill”.

In addition, he pointed out that he dedicated a large part of his time to the care of Martita and Felipe: “I take the boys to school in the morning. I come home from work early to be home when they return in the afternoon from their after-school classes. I stay on weekends with them. I sleep with them. I will not allow anyone to criticize me. I love the boys and I love Ricardo. That the money is put in the ass”.

Finally, he revealed that when the mediatic died, the Fort family carried out an audit with a clerk in the apartment they shared because they suspected that he could keep money or something of value. “When Ricardo was inside a drawer, a clerk came to do an audit and Martha (Ricardo’s mother) wanted him out. She adored me. Is that fair? Why didn’t they wait a few days?” Gustavo complained.

Money was always a conflict within the Fort, so much so that Ricardo got into a fight with his father, Charles Augustus, when he decided not to follow in his footsteps as an entrepreneur and traveled to Miami to try to build a career as a singer. When his father died, he received the inheritance that allowed him to lead the life of a millionaire that he so much sought and managed to fulfill his desire to have children and be famous in Argentina. Gustavo was his unconditional companion in good and bad times.

Martínez’s death opened up new questions about what was really going on in that Belgrano apartment. For months he had been facing a strong depressive picture and had the beginning of senile dementia. In this last time, Felipe and Martita maintained a more fluid relationship with their uncle Eduardo. Gustavo was very sad because the twins wanted to go live alone when they came of age. Plus he wouldn’t have found the containment he needed.

His nephew, the businessman Nicholas Martinez, confirmed the bad moment that Gustavo had before he died and focused on the family inmates. “I have immense pain in my heart. We spent last Christmas together because you were ‘alone’, as always. They did not know how to return all the love you gave them. I keep your smile, you didn’t deserve so much contempt, you didn’t deserve to end like this. Sorry, I’m in a lot of pain.”

The posting of Gustavo Martínez's nephew
The posting of Gustavo Martínez’s nephew

Later, he came out to speak in It’s over there and also in intruders -both cycles of America- and there he assured that his uncle was worried about his economic situation. “He asked us (silver) because he did not have to pay the cards, his expenses. I had problems a while ago.”Nicolás said, adding that Felipe’s post seemed “disrespectful” and that he expected an apology from him. “He was a father to them. How can it be that this guy uploads those stories (to Instagram)? Everyone spoke well of him. This boy is a daredevil.”

He also said that the day before Gustavo had contacted his brother – his other nephew – to make a request. “He told him that he wanted us to give him a job because he couldn’t be like this”said the young man. “Don’t worry, we’ll figure it out somehow,” was the reply. In addition, the young man criticized that no one from the Fort family had contacted them to warn him about Gustavo’s health problem. “What was done is an abandonment”, he accused, and considered that Martínez “never belonged to the Fort family” despite the fact that he was the legal guardian of Marta and Felipe. In fact, he continued, the parties of recent years the boys did not spend with him but with his uncles and cousins.

Martita was not silent and responded to these serious accusations through the networks: “The family (of Martínez) was saying that we are ungrateful, that we always left him alone, and my answer is as simple as this: we never leave him alone. , the ones in charge of taking him to the doctor to do tests while we were studying, was my lawyer César Carozza and Marisa, my nanny. And the festivities we always spent traveling, something that he did not want to come and when he invited him to a place he preferred to stay at home.

When there was a week left for the brothers to come of age, Gustavo left forever. I hope he can rest in peace.


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