Cristina Kirchner spoke for the last time in the public works trial: “This court is a firing squad”

The Vice President of the Nation, Cristina Kirchnerspoke for the last time today in the oral trial for public works in Santa Cruz before the verdict, which will be next Tuesday, December 6. “If I said that this was the lawfare court, after everything I had to live through, this court is a firing squad”was one of the first sentences of the former president who spoke by videoconference from his office in the Senate of the Nation.

In this context, he said that the sentence against him has already been written and accused the judges of trying to discipline future generations so that “no one ever dares again” to implement the policies promoted by Kirchnerism, among which he mentioned the payment of the debt with the IMF, the nationalization of the AFJP and the expropriation of YPF.

“We are in a situation that is going to tend to deteriorate. When a party is formed from the institutions, this true judicial party that came to replace the old military party and fulfills that role of conditioning, blocking the opportunities for expression in democracy and stigmatizing and disciplining the leaders in the Argentine Republic”, he developed.

He also criticized prosecutors Diego Luciani and Sergio Mola, who requested that she be sentenced to 12 years in prison and disqualified for life from holding public office for considering her the head of an illegal association and for fraud to the detriment of public administration. Do you seriously believe that our governments committed fraud to the detriment of the public administration? My government that delivered a debt-reduced country? However, those who brought the IMF and 45 billion dollars that we don’t know where they are, they don’t have any problem. They are in Qatar watching the World Cup ”, he said in reference to the former president Mauricio Macri.

Regarding the prosecutors, he pointed out that “they could not respond to any of the facts.” “When I said that the sentence was written, I never thought that it would be as badly written or acted as the Prosecutor did. Nothing they said could prove it. The facts were not only false, but had not existed, ”she pointed out. Cristina Kirchner, in her allegations, asked that the prosecutors be criminally investigated for malfeasance. “For 20 days they fabricated facts, they hid facts, they misrepresented,” she added.

Cristina Kirchner, this Tuesday, in her office in the Senate

The vice president spoke for 20 minutes. She also made reference to the attempted murder that she suffered on September 1st at the door of her house when Fernando Sabag Montiel pointed a gun at him, pulled the trigger and the gun didn’t come out. “When one is a victim, the figure of the illicit association does not exist. If a government democratically elected three times is an illegal association, ”he said, referring to the fact that his lawyers requested that the three detainees for their attempted murder be accused of that crime and that justice has not yet resolved the issue.

Cristina Kirchner closed her final words with the announcement that she was going to publish on her social networks what she called “the Twenty Lies of the Road Cause” that she said that “they will be a doctrinal contribution because this cause is going to be studied.”

The hearing began at 9:30. The vice president was the first of the four defendants who had the opportunity to speak today. The three others refused. They were the former Secretary of Public Works Jose Lopezthe former president of Vialidad de Santa Cruz Hector Garro, and the former official of the Ministry of Planning and cousin of Nestor Kirchner, Carlos Kirchner.

When the hearing ended, the Federal Oral Court 2 announced the next two hearings. On Monday, December 5, he will hear the last words of three defendants and on Tuesday, December 6, that of the last one. That day in the afternoon the judges Jorge Gorini, Rodrigo Giménez Uriburu and Andrés Basso They will announce the verdict.

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There spoke the former Minister of Federal Planning Julio De Vido. “This is the third time that they have brought me to an oral trial in a directed manner and deliberately omitting the presence of other cabinet mates who carried out the management of the state together with me,” said the former minister of Néstor and Cristina Kirchner.

Today was the third time that Cristina Kirchner has spoken in the oral trial. The first time was in December 2019 when she was inquiring about her. And the second last September when she did it in her defense arguments. She always criticized the cause and denounced a political persecution against her. “This court, the lawfare court, surely has the written sentence. I’m not interested, history absolved me, history is going to absolve me. And history will surely condemn you.” he said in his inquiry.

And last September he asked that prosecutors Luciani and Mola be criminally investigated. “The incredible lies developed by prosecutors Mola and Luciani were dismantled and the arbitrariness that has been committed in this trial was also brought to light,” he claimed.

The judges of the Oral Court
The judges of the Oral Court

The final decision will be by videoconference, the way in which the trial has been carried out since August 2020 due to the coronavirus pandemic, and the judges are considering making public a summary of the grounds for their decision. Although the arguments will only be known next year, the magistrates understand that due to the importance of the case it is appropriate that the reasons for their decision be known.

In the case, the alleged irregularities in the 51 public works that the Báez companies received for Santa Cruz are judged. “Néstor Kirchner and later his wife, Cristina Fernández, installed and maintained within the national administration one of the most extraordinary corruption matrices that have developed in the country”Said the prosecutor Luciani in his arguments in which he considered the irregularities proven and requested conviction for the 13 defendants.

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For the Vice President, Luciani requested 12 years in prison and perpetual disqualification from holding public office for considering her head of an illegal association and for fraudulent administration. Same for Baez. And 10 years for De Vido, López and for the former director of National Highway Nelson Periotiamong the main defendants.

“Today more than ever society demands justice and you, judges, are in charge of giving each one what corresponds. An exemplary sentence may be the first step to restore society’s confidence in the institutions. Our sole objective was to seek the truth. Judges, this is the moment. It is corruption or justice. And you have the decision”, Luciani had said at his last plea hearing.

Cristina Kirchner’s defense requested her acquittal. “It is not corruption or justice. There is only one way, justice. The accusations were dismantled, destroyed. There is no other way,” he replied. Carlos Beraldilawyer for the former president.

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