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Crime, war, torture … Putin questions the American commitment to human rights – RT en français

After speaking with Joe Biden, Vladimir Putin held a press conference during which he answered many questions relating in particular to human rights and passed the ball in the process to his American detractors.

During his press conference following his meeting with Joseph Biden on June 16 in Geneva, Vladimir Poutine answered several questions relating to respect for human rights. For example, he spoke about the very recurrent accusatory rhetoric in this area adopted by the American administration against Russia.

Fire from drones or helicopters against obviously civilian people in Iraq, what is it? Who is responsible for it? Who is the killer?

Stressing that any political leader found himself, in one way or another, “responsible for everything that happened[ait] in [son] country ”, the Russian president decided to pass the buck to his American detractors by initially evoking the phenomenon of crime on the other side of the Atlantic. “Every day someone is killed on the streets of American cities, including leaders of various organizations. We don’t have time to say a word, and we are already being shot in the chest or in the back, it doesn’t matter if there are children nearby, ”he commented. And Vladimir Poutine to continue his reasoning by pointing out the murderous consequences of American military interventionism throughout the world. “Take the example of Afghanistan. 120 people killed in a single strike, marriages targeted once, twice. Let’s admit it was a mistake, that also happens, but the shooting from drones or helicopters against obviously civilians in Iraq, what is it? Who is responsible for it? Who is the killer? ”Asked the Russian head of state.

Guantanamo still works, it goes against everything – international law, US laws, everything – […] Is this human rights?

And Vladimir Poutine to drive the point home concerning the question of respect for human rights in certain American prisons based outside the national territory. “Guantanamo still works, it goes against everything – international law, American laws, everything – but it still exists. CIA prisons were opened at the time in various countries, including European countries, where torture was used. Is this human rights? I don’t think so, “he said before directly including his audience about him:” It is unlikely that anyone in the room would agree that we are protecting human rights. ‘man that way. ”

During the same press conference, Vladimir Putin was also questioned by an American journalist on the imprisonment and death of opponents in Russia. The Head of State stressed here that such issues could arise “in all countries”.

He returned to the intrusion, on January 6, of American demonstrators on Capitol Hill. “Regarding those who are killed or put in prison… After the elections [américaines], people have entered Congress with political demands. Criminal proceedings have been initiated against more than 400 people. They face sentences of up to 20 or even 25 years in prison. They are considered internal terrorists, accused of several other crimes. 70 people were arrested immediately after these events and 30 of them are still in detention. For what reasons? We do not know because none of the official American authorities inform us. Several people died there, one of the participants was shot dead by a police officer on the spot when she was not threatening the officer with a weapon. In many countries things are happening similar to what is happening here. I want to stress once again that we sympathize [avec les Américains] in the face of what has happened in the United States, but we do not want to let the same thing happen here, ”among others replied the Russian president to his interlocutor.

An analogy that did not leave Joseph Biden indifferent since the American president denounced later in the evening, during his own press conference, “ridiculous comparisons”. The current tenant of the White House has indeed criticized his Russian counterpart for having established a false equivalence between “an attack by criminals” on the Capitol and the peaceful demonstrations of people deprived of their freedom of expression in Russia.

Despite the multiple differences between the two heads of state, Vladimir Poutine for his part described his meeting with the President of the United States as “pragmatic” and “fruitful”. While refraining from making predictions on a possible improvement in bilateral relations between Moscow and Washington, the Russian president described Joseph Biden as a constructive and experienced partner, assuring that the two leaders had spoken “the same language”. Referring to Leo Tolstoy, Vladimir Putin felt that there is no eternal happiness in life, but his lightning bolts are very precious. “We cannot speak of confidence, but flashes have arisen [au cours de notre rencontre], it’s a good thing, ”he declared to the press.

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