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Cretan athlete battles post-COVID syndrome |  Health and fitness

Marli Stones doesn’t know when she had COVID-19.

She thinks it was around Thanksgiving, when she thought she had a mild cold but had also lost her sense of taste and smell. But because her symptoms were so mild, she was not tested.

“It wasn’t really bad at all when I first received it,” Stones said on Friday.

But weeks later, long after overcoming her “mild” illness, the 16-year-old started having more serious problems.

Stones, who is a playmaker for Crete’s high school basketball team, began battling fatigue during matches in January.

“I was going up and down the court once and I had to breathe,” she said. “My heart was pounding.”

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Her parents, Martin and Linda Stones, said it was the first time they had noticed something wrong with their daughter.

“We were sitting in the stands and we would look at each other and say, ‘What’s wrong with Marli? “” said Martin Stones. “I never, ever thought it was related to COVID. “

Marli Stones (24) of Crete controls the ball as she rounds Emelia Rourke of Waverly in the fourth quarter of the District B-3 final on February 20 in Crete.


Marli Stones saw her GP, who gave her an inhaler, but it didn’t really help.

After a number of additional visits to her GP, a pulmonologist and finally a cardiologist, Marli was diagnosed with post-COVID syndrome, what people often refer to as “long COVID.”


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