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Crazy GOP Wants To Cancel Baseball, Coke And Big Business

Elizabeth Brockway / The Daily Beast

What is left after the cancellation of the GOP? You might get a boost by trying to keep up with the Conservatives’ hypocritical mental gymnastics, but there is a common theme: Conservatives believe in a one-sided relationship with America where their mandates reign supreme. Our role is to submit or face the cancellation.

Incredibly, the party that continually complains about “culture cancellation” while practicing it is now on the verge of self-cancellation after turning against the big business allies it has historically united to push. tax breaks, deregulation and the “Creative” Destruction of the uncontrolled “free market”.

What caused the split were the latest efforts to suppress GOP voters in Georgia, which were so odious they did the unthinkable, forcing companies like Coca-Cola, Delta and United to condemn them publicly. Even Major League Baseball has decided to move the All-Star Game from Georgia to Colorado. But big companies catering to their purported interests and the desires of customers are condemned by Republicans as supposed agents of a “revival cancellation culture,” an invented supervillain used to frighten the conservative base. The Republican Party even suggests that the American hobby is in fact part of a Communist plot. If baseball and Coke are out, what’s the next step? Apple pie? (Fortunately, we still have freedom fries.)

Naturally, Georgia House responded by threatening to “reverse” tax breaks given to Delta, the state’s largest employer. “You’re not feeding a dog that bites your hand,” Republican House Speaker David Ralston said, rationalizing the retaliation.

My party was overtaken by the “ Cancel Culture ” trolls

“My advice to CEOs of American companies is to stay out of politics,” Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell warned. “I found it completely disheartening to find a group of corporate CEOs in the midst of politics,” said McConnell with a selective memory, conveniently forgetting that conservatives like him were helping companies become people with a right to the first. amendment to freedom of expression. This was the result of the controversial Supreme Court ruling 5-4 in the United citizens v. Federal election deal that allowed companies to donate unlimited funds to help influence the elections. Conservatives like McConnell have no problem with corporations being in the “middle of politics” when it suits them. He has taken $ 4.3 million from businesses over the past 5 years to fund his campaigns. The companies have given at least $ 50 million since 2015 to lawmakers who have backed voter suppression bills.

In fact, the Conservatives have long championed the First Amendment and used “free speech” to rally their base and advance their Counter-Majority agenda. This includes supporting black money in politics, insisting on the right to spit out racism and inconsequential hatred, and promoting the religious freedoms of white Christians, especially bakers, to discriminate against women and communities. LGBTQ. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas wrote a dissent this week in which he wanted to regulate big tech companies like common carriers. What happened to the “free market”? It seems the Tories don’t like Twitter, a private company, which laments President Trump and his allies for incitement to hatred. However, like Judge Thomas’ wife, they are more than happy to support a violent insurgency on the United States Capitol that has left five people dead and sought to overturn free and fair elections.

In Punishing Delta, Georgia’s GOP chooses guns and white privilege over progress

As I wrote before, canceling culture is the latest grievance fabricated by the right-wing ecosystem to militarize the bogus victim so that they can be cruel without accountability. As the Biden administration tried to vaccinate Americans and give us a relief package, Republicans complained about Dr. Seuss. “Canceling the culture” is the “number one problem” and the “most dangerous thing” happening today, according to Rep. Jim Jordan. He said this during a devastating pandemic that killed more than half a million people and triggered a crippling recession. I agree with him on the fragile state of American democracy.

The GOP’s efforts in Georgia to “nullify” the voting rights, mainly of black voters, are indeed a “most dangerous thing” which is being replicated by conservatives across America to ensure minority rule. Fortunately, the outright discriminatory intent and vulgarity of these measures inspired national outrage and the coordinated strategic rejection of the majority. This includes pressuring companies, such as Coca-Cola and Delta, based in Georgia, to make a bold choice: stand up for democracy and the people or continue your lucrative and incestuous partnership with the GOP and be boycotted. Businesses, like people, often follow money.

Anti-‘cancellation culture’ Republican party tries to cancel fans only

Meanwhile, the GOP, which is now a counter-factual and counter-factual extremist force masquerading as a political party, has given up corporate money by becoming aggressively stupid and investing everything in “the culture of” annulment ”as their absolutist sword to attack Democrats, liberals and anyone who annoys their cult leader.

In addition to trying to cancel businesses, national sports, voting rights and the 2020 election, they are also canceling their fellow Republicans. This includes the six Republican and Republican House senators, such as Liz Cheney, who voted to impeach Trump for inciting the Jan.6 insurgency. They decided to quash their conservative intellectuals, such as George Will and Bill Kristol, as RINO (Republicans in name only) for criticizing Trump. They have decided to overturn “family values” with their hypocritical defense and support for Trump’s sexual indiscretions, and are now trying to say as little as possible about those of Trump’s henchman Matt Gaetz.

The “law enforcement” party is now canceling intelligence agencies and throwing them under the bus as members of the “deep state”. The “national security” party is perfectly fine with violent insurgencies, white supremacist terror, and vigilantes killing unarmed people during protests.

And now the “free market” party is open to canceling businesses that give them massive campaign contributions and provide jobs for their constituents in Republican-majority states. Christians like Jenna Ellis, who fights the windmills on Twitter and complains that America has canceled Christianity, are even very much nullifying a literal reverend.

When and where will it end?

As the GOP becomes more extreme and radical, which it will do, the absolutist sword of “culture cancellation” will inevitably lead to its own cannibalization. For the rest of us, we can only hope this will lead to their irrelevance. The terrifying alternative means that they will have succeeded in annulling democracy.

Jimmy Kimmel exposes king of ‘cancellation culture’ Donald Trump

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