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Covid effect?  French people are increasingly suspicious of politics, poll shows – RT en français

Science Po’s political research center has published its annual comparative barometer on confidence in political action. After a year of pandemic, the feeling of mistrust is stronger in France than in Germany, the United Kingdom and Italy.

As every year, the political research center of Science Po (CEVIPOF) published on February 22 its barometer of political confidence. A study which for the year 2020 is strongly marked by the Covid-19 pandemic and demonstrates a general mistrust of the French towards political action.

The French are among the nationalities studied, those who are least interested in politics (49%). A number up two points from last year while they are 79% in Germany and 69% in Italy. The feelings most often cited about politics are “mistrust” (39%) – up two points from February 2020 – and “disgust” 23%, down four points.

Only 10% of respondents say they “have an interest” in politics. Nearly 65% ​​of French people also believe that their elected officials and leaders are “rather corrupt”. Moreover, to the question: “When you think of politics, can you tell me what you feel first?”, 77% of the French respond in negative terms.

Finally, a majority of French people (55%) believe that democracy does not work “very well”, a downward result but much better than its European neighbors. The Germans and the British have a better judgment of their democracy since they are respectively 67% and 61% to think that it works “well”.

The French are more “bored” by the pandemic than the Germans or the British

As a consequence of the pandemic, in one year, the share of French people feeling mainly weariness (41%) and gloom (34%) has increased by 13 and 12 points respectively in one year. The feeling of weariness is less significant in the United Kingdom (31%) and Germany (15%). Still in comparison, the qualifier most often mentioned by the Germans and the British is serenity (40% and 42% of cases), although the trend is downward. Quoted by The world, Bruno Cautrès, political scientist at CEVIPOF and specialist in political behavior, believes that “there is the diffuse feeling of a crisis, without end from which we would never see the exit”.

The mistrust of the French vis-à-vis vaccines has decreased but still remains at 30% refractory. Conversely, 49% “plan” to be vaccinated and 19% of French people have not yet made up their minds. Finally, overall, 58% of French people believe that the government is not managing the health crisis “well”, the highest percentage among its European neighbors.

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