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Covid-19: what to remember from the interview with Jean Castex at 1 p.m. on TF1 – Coronavirus

    1 Restaurant owners will not have to control identities

    Managers of establishments open to the public will have to control health passes, but will not be held responsible in the event of fraud. Thus, the identity check, to verify that it corresponds to that indicated on the health pass, will be the responsibility of the police. This concerns both cinemas and museums since Wednesday, as cafes and restaurants from August. Jean Castex added that “a week of teaching” would be granted, before “the time for sanctions” begins.

  • 2 “No health pass in schools”
  • There will be “no health pass in schools,” insisted the Prime Minister. There is no question of depriving middle school and high school students aged 12 to 17 who have not been vaccinated. Such a measure would be unfair, according to Jean Castex: “Our entire strategy since the start of the crisis (…) has consisted in ensuring that the children of France are educated as much as possible. (…) So we are not going to say now, if you are not vaccinated, especially since some can not do anything about it, we will deprive you of school ”.

    Jean Castex hopes, however, that they will be fewer and fewer: “In September, we are going to put the package in middle and high schools to vaccinate all 12-17 years who have not yet been”.

    Nor is there any question of extending the vaccination obligation to teachers: “The vaccination rate of teaching staff is satisfactory,” the Prime Minister also noted.

  • 3 Five million appointments to get vaccinated open soon
  • The Prime Minister announced the opening of five million vaccination appointments “within 15 days”, with the objective of reaching 40 million first-time vaccinated at the end of July, then 50 million at the end of August. The head of government hopes that four million French people will receive their first dose of vaccine during the last week of July, and another four million the first week of August.

    Jean Castex said he wanted to convince the undecided: “Vaccinate is to protect yourself and to protect others”. And the situation is becoming critical again with a 150% jump in contamination in one week: “We are in the fourth wave (…) This Delta variant is in the majority and it is much more contagious. “And the Prime Minister adds:” Another figure characterizes the situation: 96% of these 18,000 cases were not vaccinated. “

    Another novelty: vaccinated people will no longer have to isolate themselves if they are contact cases. A measure that Jean Castex justifies as follows: “It is the same message, including and especially with regard to the hesitant… Vaccination, it works! “

  • 4 “We will be intractable” with the antivax who commit violence
  • The government will be “intractable” with those who “come to acts of violence” by protesting against vaccination or the health pass, by having “an ideological posture, even political”, declared Wednesday the Prime Minister.

    “We have the right to demonstrate” but “we will be intractable with those who (…) come to acts of violence”, “allude to the yellow star or the Shoah, attack parliamentary offices, set fire to vaccination centers ”, which is“ very serious ”, added Jean Castex.

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