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Covid-19: the hospital system under pressure in the Syrian province of Idleb

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Located in northern Syria, the province of Idleb has experienced an outbreak of the Covid-19 epidemic since mid-August, against the backdrop of the spread of the Delta variant. This health crisis, in an area ravaged by war, weakens an already damaged local health system. Nursing staff lack oxygen cylinders and drugs to manage a poorly vaccinated population.

Lebanon adopted a new government headed by Najib Mikati on Friday September 10. After 13 months of political vacuum, the new cabinet held its first meeting this week, with, as a priority, the recovery of the country’s economy.

Egypt has chosen to make the city of Al Masa, located 35 kilometers from Cairo, its new administrative capital. This pharaonic project, led by Chinese companies, includes the construction of the tallest tower in Africa in a city which, in the long term, should house 6 million inhabitants over 700 square kilometers. Nicknamed “Sissi-city” by those who see it as a disproportionate project of President Abdel Fattah al-Sissi, this new city is the bearer of political as well as economic issues.