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Covid-19: New Caledonia is reconfiguring itself and vaccination is accelerating

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After the registration in New Caledonia of a first death linked to Covid-19, Louis Mapou, president of the local government, warned of an “unprecedented crisis” in this French territory in the Pacific so far largely untouched by the pandemic. Faced with the increase in positive cases, the territory is experiencing new confinement. And more and more inhabitants are forgetting their initial reluctance to be vaccinated, by going in particular to a vaccinodrome installed in Nouméa.

A figure in Guadeloupe political life, Lucette Michaux Chevry passed away on Thursday, September 9, at the age of 92. This emblematic politician, deeply rooted on the right, had a very long career in politics and had notably been Secretary of State in charge of La Francophonie, in the government of Jacques Chirac, of which she was a faithful friend.

As the commemoration of the twentieth anniversary of 9/11 prepares, Polynesian MP Mohetai Brotherson remains haunted by horror images of destruction. He had an appointment that day in one of the towers of the World Trade Center. He delivers his story of “the apocalypse”.

In Reunion Island, Véronique Barret, looking for a job, has just launched an ironing truck and plans to develop her activity.