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Covid-19: is vaccination open to everyone without saying it?  – Coronavirus

Since Saturday, the 18-54 years with comorbidities are eligible for vaccination. They can make an appointment and go to one of the vaccination centers to have a dose of Pfizer or Moderna injected. Without any medical prescription having to be presented to justify their state of health. A simple sworn statement is enough.

A flaw that some have spotted. 18-54 year olds, without having co-morbidities, have successfully injected a dose of vaccine through this. Does this mean that vaccination is now open to all without saying it? Or should the government put the “top there” by requiring the presentation of a medical prescription?

“I trust the French”

Olivier Véran, the Minister of Health, called on Tuesday on Europe 1 the French to “common sense”: “We want vaccination to be simple, because the urgency is to vaccinate the most vulnerable”. And justifies his choice of “pragmatism”: “I could have asked the four million [18-54 ans atteints de comorbidités] to go to their doctor, to traffic congestion in medical offices in the midst of an epidemic wave, to ask them for a certificate stating that they have a disease ”, but“ I trust the French ”.

For Olivier Véran, “there may be workaround strategies, but it will be at the margin”. He calls on the medical teams in the centers “to take stock of the people who come to be vaccinated”. In some establishments, vaccinators ask for proof if there is any doubt about the person’s eligibility.

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Increased risk of severe form

Because to date, only those 18 and over with comorbidities and those over 55 in good health are the priority categories for vaccination. Due to their age or illness, they have an increased risk of developing a severe form if they are infected.. Their vaccination therefore takes priority over others, the scientists conclude.

“Still a little patience”, called the minister. the rest of the French waiting to be injected a dose. “The time will come for the entire population to get vaccinated. “ The campaign will be officially open to everyone over 50 on May 15, and to all adults on June 15.

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