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Covid-19: increase in cases in Saint-Nicolas-du-Pélem, all sports on hiatus – Saint-Nicolas-du-Pélem

We predictedt a strong comeback for sports associations, with the implementation of the health pass, without, however, expecting the drastic situation currently experienced by the municipality of Saint-Nicolas-du-Pélem (22).

The village of 1,500 souls, located south of Guingamp, decided, by municipal decree, dated September 16, to prohibit access to the city’s sports infrastructure “to prevent the spread of the covid-19 virus in the town “.

A decision taken into consideration “the observation, the resurgence of the number of positive cases for covid-19 within several sports associations of the town” and the fact that “young carriers of the virus under 12 years old do not are not subject to the health pass and are likely to generate contact cases in schools ”.

A scheduled screening day

This provision, signed by Mayor Daniel Le Caër, took effect Thursday and applies, at a minimum, until October 1. Faced with this worrying situation and this unprecedented decree, the town hall is organizing, on Saturday, a screening day, by antigenic tests, from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., at the Espace du Daourit (former Super U), rue Henri-Avril, available without prior appointment. “This operation, deployed by the Regional Health Agency (ARS), will be led by the Departmental Association for Civil Protection (ADPC) and will mobilize specifically trained anti-covid mediators”, specifies the town’s website. Costa Rican.

The municipal decree in force in Saint-Nicolas-du-Pélem. (SD)

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