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Covid-19 in France: The Delta variant triggers a fourth wave

France is facing a resumption of the epidemic, linked to the proliferation of the Delta variant discovered in India, which is particularly contagious and now responsible for the majority of new contaminations. “We were yesterday at 18,000 contaminations over 24 hours only. This means that we have an increase in the circulation of the virus of around 150% over one week,” said Minister of Health Olivier Véran during the meeting questions to the government in the National Assembly. “” We have never known that, neither with the COVID, nor with the English variant, nor with the South African, nor with the Brazilian “, continued the minister. Catherine Hill, epidemiologist, considers that it is is a “runaway phenomenon.” She believes that “the epidemic is starting again, but we are starting from a not very high level of circulation of the virus. If it doubles every x days it will quickly become complicated. “In order to curb this contamination, Catherine Hill recommends vaccinating much faster, and urgently, people over 80 years old and fragile people. She deplores the government refusal to “massively test the population to isolate people who are contagious, before they have symptoms, and to isolate contagious people who never have symptoms.” This is how this virus circulates. But the authorities refused to do a mass screening program with cell samples that was perfectly feasible. “She emphasizes that” it is something that has been done in many other countries, especially in many American universities. , very effectively, to control the epidemic “.


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