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Covid-19: hearing care professionals and opticians called on to vaccinate – Health

By decision of the Ministry of Health, opticians and hearing-aid acousticians will very soon be likely to vaccinate against covid-19. Previously, they will have benefited from specific training provided by a health professional trained in vaccine administration. Another important point: it is not in their office, but in vaccination centers, and in the presence of a doctor, that they will be called upon to prick.

On a voluntary basis

“The information has been given to us and the decree will fall over the next few days, probably within the week. The idea is to be operational in July-August ”, indicates Luis Godinho, president of the Union of hearing aid professionals. The latter also insists on the fact that it will be on a “voluntary” basis and that the training will be “identical to that of pharmacists who also received one before being able to vaccinate”.

“Those who can and want to will come and relay the health professionals, who have been working for months, when they take leave. It will also be possible to provide help only on weekends, outside of working hours, ”also explains Luis Godinho, delighted to see some of his members (France has around 4,200 hearing aid professionals) in search of information. to get started as quickly as possible.

“Big nonsense”

While some are delighted, this decision is far from unanimous, among hearing aid professionals and opticians alike. Regarding the latter, if no one at the National Federation of Opticians of France (FNOF) has been able to “free themselves to exchange”, it suffices to read most of the comments on the Acuity website, “The portal for optics decision-makers”, to understand the reasons for “recalcitrant”: “Anything big. Since when do hearing aid acousticians and opticians know how to inject? This government is really ready to do anything for this vaccine ”; “We are not sheep, and each has his own profession! “; “Yes, we are healthcare professionals… But since when have we known how to disinfect, give an injection, re-disinfect and monitor a patient for possible side effects? »….

If it was well seen and heard, this decision should therefore not be applied by all …

Covid-19: the latest info

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