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COVID-19: Florida Women Banned From Vaccination Center For Posing As “Grannies” To Get Vaccinated |  American News

Two women were fired from a vaccination center in Orlando, Florida after trying to impersonate older women to try to get vaccinated against the coronavirus.

Florida State officials said the couple, 34 and 44, were dressed in hats, gloves and fake glasses in an attempt to trick doctors into receiving a second dose of the vaccine.

The Orange County Sheriff’s Office said the women changed their year of birth on COVID-19[female[feminine vaccine records in a bit to bypass the state system that prioritizes over 65s.

The two men received a break-in order and were told not to return to the scene. Pic: Orange Country Sheriff’s Office

However, the two women have reportedly already received their first dose, but it is not known where.

They scolded when it was discovered that while their names matched their inscription, their age did not.

Local police deputies were asked to issue trespass warnings to women, which meant they could be prosecuted if they returned to the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando – even for reasons unrelated to the coronavirus.

In one video, an MP is heard telling the couple, “You stole a vaccine from someone who needs it more than you.

“You are not going to get any vaccine. You have to wait your turn.”

The women apparently show their gratitude for not being arrested and tell the MP that they have no intention of returning to the scene.

The local health department was tasked with trying to find out where and how the women received their first dose, given the state’s priority given to the elderly.

A local official said the department will look to see “if there are any holes, loopholes, in the process that allow people to do this.”

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