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Covid-19 cases exceed 150 million worldwide

Aerial view of graves of Covid-19 victims at Nossa Senhora Aparecida cemetery in Manaus, Amazon state, Brazil, April 15 Michael Dantas / AFP / Getty Images

Brazil has now passed 400,000 deaths from the coronavirus. The country’s health ministry on Thursday reported more than 3,000 new deaths linked to Covid-19, bringing the total number of deaths recorded during the pandemic to 401,186.

Brazil is the second country in the world to officially take this dark step, after the United States, which is nearing 575,000 deaths.

The death toll in the South American country rose rapidly after the Christmas and New Years holidays – when people often travel during school and summer vacations for business – making 2021 the most severe time of the epidemic in the world. Brazil since the new coronavirus reached the country in March 2020.

“With sadness everywhere, Brazil today records 400,000 victims of Covid-19,” said Carlos Lula, president of the National Council of Secretaries of Health, in a statement.

“This number reflects the pain of families who have lost their parents, grandparents, children and siblings in rapid, violent and often lonely ways. It also reflects poor management and the lack of centralized coordination at the federal level. “

As the Covid-19 death toll has risen in Brazil, where far-right President Jair Bolsonaro has resisted lockdowns and oversaw an often slow and bumpy vaccine rollout, young people account for a larger share of deaths as Older Brazilians are among the few to have gotten a vaccine.

Fiocruz, a Brazilian public health research institute, recently reported that patients aged 20 to 29 had the most pronounced increase in Covid-19-related deaths among all adults between early January and mid-April this year. year.

Data from the first full epidemiological week of January compared to the second week of April showed that deaths among Covid-19 patients in this age group increased by 1,081%.

In the meantime, Brazil’s vaccination campaign is proceeding at a slow pace, with around 6% of its 210 million people fully vaccinated. Several state capitals have halted vaccinations this week due to a shortage of Coronavac, one of four vaccines approved in Brazil.


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